Clusia Rosea: How To Grow and Care Autograph Tree

The Clusia Rosea, also known as the autograph tree, is a vivid and captivating tropical plant that can be kept either indoors or outdoors in a warm climate. The olive-colored leathery leaves of these densely foliated tropical trees can bring texture and deep, dull green color to your houseplant collection. Growers who love succulents will … Read more

Hoya Shepherdii:Care Guide For The String Bean Hoya 

The Hoya Shepherdii is a vining succulent that looks like green beans. It belongs to the Hoya genus of houseplants and is a member of the Apocynaceae family. The plant species has its roots tied to tropical regions of Assam and Eastern Himalayas.  Its features include long deep green foliage that resembles string beans. It … Read more