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National Houseplant Appreciation Day –  What It’s All About And What You Should Do 

National houseplant day is dedicated to houseplants across the world. The plant appreciation day is dated on the 10th of January of every year. It’s a day that reminds us of the joy and vibrancy houseplants bring to our homes.  

Even though the festive periods might be coming to an end. Don’t be so eager to put away all your houseplants. These gorgeous babies are more important to us than decorations alone. Different house plants offer different importance to our lives. 

National plant day helps us understand how beneficial houseplants are to us. People, green thumbs or not, enjoy the clean air most houseplants bring. They act as air purifying agents that help get rid of excess toxins in the air.   

One cool aspect of national houseplant day is the activities it comes with. With a few days until January 10th, you can become engaged in the activities of the day.  

The Story Behind National Houseplant Appreciation Day

The Gardener’s Network, a community of green thumbs, is responsible for houseplant day.  They created the day to help brighten people’s homes after the end of the holiday season. They noticed that after the holidays were over, houses tended to look plain. This is because people took out all the decorations that made their homes colorful. 

As a result, they needed a reason for people to see the benefits of houseplants. With national houseplant day, people can see the benefits of growing houseplants yearly. The day is riddled with houseplant facts and activities to keep you busy. 

What Do You Do On Houseplant Appreciation Day? 

Planned activities are needed to make the day a very special one. They should involve houseplants of different types. And should further contribute to building the overall spirit of the day. With that being said, here are some activities you can engage in. 

You Can Try Growing Some Houseplants

The whole day is all about the wonders of growing houseplants. So it’s quite logical to grow houseplants on this day.  Whatever you decide to grow should be fine, whether flowering plants or herbs.  

If you’re a newbie gardener trying to get involved in Houseplant day. You can opt for any of these plants:

  • Succulents or Cactuses. Succulents like cactuses are great plants for gardeners both experienced and new. They are low-maintenance and need little water. 
  • Aloe Vera. Aloe Veras are almost unkillable. They can grow in almost every region and are fast.

Care For The Plants 

If you’ve already started on these plants or any plant at all, you can use the day to care for them. Dedicate your entire day to doing any of the following for your houseplants. 

  • Prune Them.  Not all house plants require pruning, but most do.   Regular pruning is almost therapeutic for plants. It helps them stay clean and fresh. And could help them live longer. 
  • Talk To Them. Talking to plants might seem weird but it is proven to help plants grow better. Take out the day to say some sweet words to your loving houseplant.  
  • Play Some Plant Themed Music. If talking to plants still feels weird to you, you can try playing some music for them.  Some plants are known to respond well to music, so ensure you give them a treat.

Send Plants To Loved Ones 

The national houseplant appreciation day should be a day for giving. Make it a holiday cheer by putting a smile on someone’s face.  You can make the most of your day by reaching out to a family with plant gifts.

Flowers like Daffodils and Carnations are riddled with impressive stories. They can make perfect gifts for family members and friends. You can also give non-plant gifts like plant-themed accessories.

Visit Some Plant Nurseries  

One sure way to stay a proper green thumb is by proper learning. You can dedicate the day to visiting some local plant nurseries. Get acquainted with the various stages of a plant’s life. 

You can also pick up any interesting plants you might find. Give them a proper home as they give you a proper home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there edible houseplants?

Yes, the purple shamrock is a great edible houseplant. 

Which plants are not good for home?

The bonsai plant is known to be toxic to people and pets. They should not be grown indoors. 

What house plant brings good luck?

The ficus, elastica is known as a lucky plant. 

How many plant holidays are there?

There are over 3 international days dedicated to plants. 

Which plant is best for a home garden?

Roses make great plants for home gardens.