Purple mottled flowers of a Phalaenopsis orchid houseplant.

How to propagate an orchid | 5 different ways!

For some reason, houseplant enthusiasts often tend to forget about orchids when it comes to propagation. They’re seen as fussy plants that are already difficult to keep alive, so better just leave them alone – but there’s no need! Learn how to propagate an orchid to easily multiply thriving plants. Keep reading for everything you … Read more

Prayer plant houseplant from the genus Calathea on shelf among other items and houseplant.

How to propagate a prayer plant | Multiply a Calathea!

If your prayer plant (genus Calathea) is getting a bit big or if you’d like to expand your collection, you might be wondering how to propagate a prayer plant. Although this plant can’t be propagated from cuttings like many other houseplants, multiplying it is still pretty easy. Keep reading for everything you need to know … Read more

String of pearls succulent, a popular houseplant, in a terracotta planter.

Propagating string of pearls | Senecio rowleyanus

Did you know that propagating string of pearls (scientifically known as Senecio rowleyanus) is super easy? This popular succulent is a favorite for hanging planters and you can create as many as you want by multiplying it with very little effort. Keep reading for everything you need to know about propagating string of pearls and … Read more

Close-up of leaf of Syngonium podophyllum, a popular houseplant also referred to as arrowhead plant.

Propagating arrowhead plant | In water or soil!

The popular arrowhead plant (Syngonium podophyllum) is appreciated for its bushy shape. It’s normal for your plant to end up looking a bit sparse after a while, though, but don’t despair. Pruning time is the perfect opportunity for propagating arrowhead plant! Keep reading to learn how to take a cutting from your arrowhead plant to … Read more