A Basic Guide On The Dudleya Succulent: Care Tips To Try

Dudleya Plants are a succulent genus. It is filled with over 40 different species in the Crassulaceae family.  They can be found growing in regions of North America like Guadalupe Island.  The Dudleya plant is also called ‘Live forever’. This is because they have an incredible lifespan that could see them alive for 100 years. … Read more

Mexican Snowball Succulent – Growing Tips For The Echeveria Elegans

The Mexican snowball is one of the most beautiful echeveria varieties in existence. It is very well known for its unique foliage. It features rosette succulent leaves like the echeveria lilacina and the peacockii. The leaves are greenish-blue in color with pinkish tips and are spoon-shaped.   Another cool feature is the echeveria elegans flower. It … Read more

The Adorable Panda Plant

The Panda Plant is a perennial succulent native to Madagascar. Kalanchoe tomentosa is considered an easy-care plant with a unique texture. The plant is also known as Chocolate Soldiers due to the foliage’s coloring.  Panda Plant Appearance The fuzzy foliage is gray-green with chocolate-brown edges. The fuzzy texture comes from the silver-colored hairs that cover … Read more

Rock Your Collection with Livingstone Plant

The Livingstones plant are succulent plants native to Africa. The plants go dormant in the hot summer and the cooler, winter months. The plant’s unique appearance, which looks like stones sitting on top of the soil, makes them prized among succulent collectors. Livingstone Plant Appearance It’s hard to find a more unique-looking plant than Living … Read more

Caring for the Devil’s Backbone Plant

The Devil’s Backbone is a popular succulent native to North and South America. Euphorbia tithymaloides is a slow-growing plant known for its unique, crooked appearance. Also known as the Devil’s Spine plant, this low-water plant makes an excellent addition to any houseplant collection. Devil’s Backbone Appearance This is a popular indoor plant featuring variegated leaves … Read more