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Crassula Ovata Gollum: Growth and care guide for the Gollum Jade

Crassula Ovata Gollum

The Jade Gollum plant is an evergreen perennial succulent plant that hails from the Crassula genus and is a member of the Crassulaaceae family.   

It is known for its weird, fleshy, or succulent foliage that is long and tubular in shape (resembles ogre ears). It is carried by woody stems that are stunted in height. When grown under the right conditions, they produce pinkish flowering blooms. 

Gollum Jade succulent plants are rare plants that are native to tropical regions of South Africa and countries in the Southeastern part of Africa, like Mozambique. 

The finger jade plant is used as an ornamental plant indoors but be careful as they can be toxic to pets and people when eaten.

Botanical NameCrassula Ovata Gollum
Common NamesGollum Jade Plant, finger jade, Shrek Plant 
OriginMozambique, South Africa
Plant TypeEvergreen, succulent plant 
Full SizeRanges from 1 foot to 3 feet 
Sun ExposureRanges from partial shade to full sunlight 
Soil TypeRich Well-draining soil 
ToxicityCan be toxic to people and pets when eaten 

Gollum Jade Care 

Members of the Crassula genus are often known as low-maintenance plants and the Gollum jade is no exception. These succulent plants have basic lighting, watering, temperature, and soil requirements that must be met for flourishing growth. 

Gollum Jade Light Requirements 

Gollum Jade Light Requirements 
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The Shrek plant would do well in a room that has enough bright sunlight to feed its growing leaves. So it is recommended that you grow them in areas of full sunlight. 

However, too much exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburn, so to prevent this, you would need to regulate the light intensity it receives. 

Also, too little sunlight is not healthy for the growing jade Gollum plant, and this is noticeable, as the plant would have stunted growth, darker hues, and look leggy.

The best practice for lighting would be to place the potted plant in a room with an eastward-facing window. There it should receive at least 4 hours of morning sunlight. 

During the hot afternoon, you would need to provide partial shade to the plant while maintaining the brightness. You can achieve this with a light curtain or cloth to filter the sun’s rays. 

Gollum Jade Water Requirement       

How often you water the Gollum Jade succulent depends on the climatic conditions of the area it is grown in.  For the summer months, it is recommended that you water the jade plant every week. 

In a cooler season, watering should be limited to once in 10 days or 2 weeks. However, you should limit watering to once a month in the winter or once in 3 weeks. 

Humidity level also affects watering, as watering can be reduced in areas of high humidity. The goal of watering is to keep the soil moist but not wet. 

A good way to achieve this is by making use of a moisture meter to check the soil’s moisture level, or you can also feel the topmost part of the soil with your finger before if it feels dry you can proceed to watering the plant. 

Always use dechlorinated water at room temperature to avoid stressing the root. Rainwater is the best choice. 

Gollum Jade Soil Requirement  

Gollum Jade plants grow well when placed in well-draining soil that is rich and has a little acidic content. 

To meet this requirement, you would need a healthy mix of potty soil (you can mix two parts cactus potting soil), with one part perlite and one part sandy soil or coarse soil. 

Ensure the mix is well-draining by pouring in a little water, if it forms a puddle you might need more perlite.   

The pH level of the soil should be a little acidic, it should range between acidic and neutral at a level of 6.5 to 7.0. 

Gollum Jade Temperature and Humidity Requirement

Gollum Jade Temperature and Humidity Requirement
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As a tropical plant native to South Africa, the Gollum Jade loves high humidity levels as well as high-temperature levels. 

Ensure the humidity level is above 50%, you can achieve this with the use of a humidifier or by regular misting. 

Temperature levels for the exotic jade plant should be kept above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If it falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you risk the health of the plant.  

Gollum Jade Fertilizer Requirement 

Use a half-strength cactus fertilizer on the Shrek ear succulent plant. This should be done during the plant’s growth seasons and every 2 weeks.

Gollum Jade Propagation   

You can propagate the Gollum Jade plant through  Leaf cuttings and Stem cuttings. Ensure you use a sterilized tool to avoid infections. 

Common Health Problems of the Gollum Jade Plant

  • Mealybugs 
  • Spider mites
  • Brown spots
  • Yellow leaves
  • Scales

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does jade grow?

Jade plants are slow growers reaching 2 inches each year

What are the nicknames for jade plants?

The most common nicknames are the Silver dollar plant and Money plant 

Why is the Gollum jade called Shrek ears plant?

Gollum Jade plants were named Shrek ears as they resemble the ears of a fictional character in a movie called “Shrek”.

What is the most essential part of Gollum jade plant care?

Watering. Following the right watering schedule would keep the plant looking healthy and alive. 

Are Jade plants susceptible to root rot?

When exposed to excess water, they can suffer fungal attacks which cause root rot.