How to Care for Peperomia Clusiifolia

Peperomia clusiifolia is a gorgeous, colorful houseplant that needs only basic care. This tropical plant is native to south Florida, Mexico, and Central America and it comes in a variety of colors. Also known as Peperomia clusiifolia jelly, Peperomia clusiifolia red margin, and Peperomia clusiifolia red edge, it has jelly-like leaves with various shades of … Read more

How to Care for Peperomia Ruby Cascade

Peperomia ruby cascade features round two-tone leaves cascading down long vines. Perfect for hanging baskets, ruby cascade Peperomia has glossy leaves that are dark green on top and deep garnet red underneath.  Ruby cascade peperomia is a small, slow-growing plant that only reaches 3 to 5 inches tall. However, its vines may eventually descend several … Read more

Experience the Exotic Beauty of Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Makoyana is native to East Brazil. It is also called the peacock plant because of its vibrant foliage. This Calathea plant is considered rarer than other varieties but makes an excellent houseplant when grown in the right conditions. Calathea Makoyana Appearance Calathea makoyana grows to 2 feet (61 cm) tall and its vibrant color … Read more

Add the Striped Beauty of Calathea Zebrina to Your Collection

Calathea zebrina, also known as the zebra plant, is native to Brazil. The plant grows in shaded areas under the tree canopy and does not tolerate full sun. Its name is a reflection of the vibrant stripes on its foliage.  Calathea Zebrina Appearance Calathea zebrina features bright-green foliage with bold stripes of white, yellow, or … Read more

Ficus Triangularis Variegata: Care For The Variegated Ficus Triangularis

Ficus Triangularis Variegata, commonly known as the “variegated ficus triangularis”, is a rare ornamental plant that has bright green variegated leaves with a cream-yellow border. Their variegated triangular-shaped leaves of different sizes have a unique look and stand out among other ficus houseplants. Ficus triangularis variegata is the variegated version of the Ficus triangularis plant, … Read more

Ficus Altissima: All you need to know about the Ficus Yellow Gem plant

The Ficus Altissima is a stunning evergreen perennial tree that is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Known for its simple yet unique green foliage that is similar to the rubber tree, it spots a glossy sheen and oval shape with point tips and light yellow variegation.  In the wild, the variegated ficus … Read more

Ficus Elastica Tineke: All you need to know about the Variegated Rubber Plant

The Ficus Tineke is an easy-to-grow houseplant. The variegated ficus species is known for its large and stunning leaves that are riddled with variegations that vary from red to pink.  They are colorful houseplant that adds a tropical yet whatever room they are placed in. However, be careful when planting them indoors as they could … Read more