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Houseplant care guides

Houseplant care involves providing optimal conditions for the well-being of indoor plants, addressing factors like light, water, soil, and temperature to ensure their healthy growth and longevity.

Tropaeolum Majus: Nasturtium Flower, Growing Instructions And Care Guide

20 Indoor Trees to Brighten Your Home

How to Grow and Care for Weeping Figs Indoors

Growing The Broadleaf Palm Indoors 

Growing A Spineless Yucca Indoors

Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs Indoors

How To Grow And Care For Fishtail Palm 

Growing A Norfolk Island Pine Indoors

Growing the Triangle Ficus Indoors

Parlor Palm Care and Grow Indoor Plant 

Impatiens spp: The proper grow and care guide for the Impatiens flower

Let a Lamb’s Tail Cactus Hang Around Your Home

How to Care for Peperomia Graveolens

How to Care for Peperomia Clusiifolia

How to Care for Peperomia Hope

How to Care for Peperomia Ruby Cascade

Experience the Exotic Beauty of Calathea Makoyana

Add the Striped Beauty of Calathea Zebrina to Your Collection

Ficus Triangularis Variegata: Care For The Variegated Ficus Triangularis

Ficus Altissima: All you need to know about the Ficus Yellow Gem plant

Ficus Nitida: All you need to know about the Ficus Microcarpa Nitida 

Ficus Elastica Tineke: All you need to know about the Variegated Rubber Plant

Ficus Pumila: All you need to know about the Creeping Fig care

How to Grow and Care for Black Beauty Slderberry

How to Grow & Care for Diablo Ninebark

Black Magic Roses – How To Grow and Care (Rosa ‘Black Magic’)

The Purple Basil Plant or Ocimum basilicum L.: All You Need To Know

Black Petunia: All you need to know about the beautiful Black plant

Queen of the Night Tulip Grow and Care

Black Charm Asiatic Lily: All you need to know about the Hybrid Asiatic Lily Care

Easy To Grow Raven ZZ Plant

Colocasia Esculenta Black Magic: All you need to know about the Black Magic Elephant Ear Plant

Hellebore Onyx Odyssey: All you need to know about the Black Hellebore plant

Fritillaria Persica Adiyaman: All you need to know about the Persian Lily plant

Helianthus Annuus Moulin Rouge: All you need to know about Moulin Rouge Sunflowers

Calathea Roseopicta: All you need to know about the Rose Painted Calathea

10 Types of Hoya Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors

Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Wayetii

Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Curtisii

Hoya Australis

Hoya Macrophylla

Hoya Lacunosa

Hoya Pubicalyx

Hoya Obovata

Why Is My Spider Plant Dying? – How To Revive A Spider Plant

Gerbera Daisy

Alocasia Varieties That Are Perfect For Your Home

Alocasia Black Velvet – How To Grow And Care

The Monstera Genus: Deliciosa vs Borsigiana

Asiatic Lily – Easy-to-grow Blooming Plant

Neon Pothos

The Low Maintenance and Beautiful Neon Pothos

Growing the Ric Rac Cactus 

How to Care for Peperomia Rosso

Kalanchoe – Easy-Care succulent Houseplant

Pearl and Jade Pothos Makes A Gorgeous Hanging Basket

The Most Beautiful Types Of Snake Plants

Marble Queen Pothos

How to Grow and Care for Marble Queen Pothos

How to Grow and Care for Queen Of The Night Flower

How To Grow Hoya Linearis

Growing Peace Lily In Water | What You Need To Know!

Why is my string of pearls dying? | 6 common issues

Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus), a popular houseplant.

Caring for a pineapple plant | Ananas comosus

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma (mini Monstera) surrounded by other houseplants.

Mini Monstera care | Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Leaves of Peperomia polybotrya, a houseplant also known as raindrop Peperomia.

Peperomia polybotrya | Raindrop Peperomia care

Haworthia succulent | How much sun do succulents need?

How much sun do succulents need?

calathea roseopicta

Calathea roseopicta care | Rose painted Calathea

Mamillaria gracilis

Thimble cactus | Mammillaria gracilis care & info

beefsteak begonia

Beefsteak Begonia | Begonia erythrophylla care & info

Anthurium andraeanum houseplant flower close-up.

Flamingo lily | Anthurium care & info

tradescantia spathacea

Oyster plant care & info | Tradescantia spathacea

syngonium podophyllum

Arrowhead plant care & info | Syngonium podophyllum

Peperomia caperata care & info

Frithia pulchra

Fairy elephant’s feet | Frithia pulchra care & info

Strands of Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides).

Spanish moss care & info | Tillandsia usneoides

Euphorbia pulcherrima

How to care for a Poinsettia plant | Euphorbia pulcherrima

tillandsia bulbosa

Tillandsia bulbosa care & info! | Bulbosa air plant

Cream and pink Phalaenopsis orchids | Guide to caring for Phalaenopsis orchids

Caring for Phalaenopsis orchids | Moth orchid

Aglaonema 'China Red', a cultivar of the Chinese evergreen houseplant.

Chinese evergreen care | Aglaonema

Baby rubber plant (Peperomia obtusifolia) with shiny green leaves on white background.

Peperomia obtusifolia care | Baby rubber plant

English in the interior of the living room. Selective focus

Caring for English ivy | Hedera helix

Caring for cat palm | Chamaedorea cataractarum

Peace lily houseplant with white flowers

Caring for peace lily | Spathiphyllum sp.

Looking for an easy #succulent that's beginner proof? The lovely string of buttons is an undemanding, fast grower.

Crassula perforata | String of buttons care & info

Small Pinguicula esseriana, a carnivorous plant also referred to as Mexican butterwort.

Mexican butterwort | Pinguicula esseriana care & info

baby toes succulent

Baby toes succulent | Fenestraria care & info

Pilea peperomioides for sale | Where to find the coveted Chinese money plant

Calathea ornata

Calathea ornata care & info | Pinstripe Calathea

nepentes ventrata

Pitcher plant care & info | Nepenthes ventrata

Close-up of the rosette-shaped spoon-leaved sundew, a carnivorous plant with green leaves and red sticky tentacles.

Drosera spatulata | Spoon-leaved sundew care & info

dendrobium nobile orchid

Dendrobium nobile care & info

Echinopsis subdenudata

Echinopsis subdenudata | Easter lily cactus care & info

dionaea muscipula

Venus flytrap care | Dionaea muscipula

Drosera capensis

Drosera capensis care & info | Cape sundew

hatiora gaertneri

Easter cactus care & info | Schlumbergera gaertneri

Tradescantia fluminensis

Tradescantia fluminensis | Inch plant care & info

schlumbergera buckleyi

How to care for Christmas cactus | Schlumbergera


Stromanthe sanguinea care & info

chlorophytum comosum

How to care for a spider plant | Chlorophytum comosum