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Black Charm Asiatic Lily: All you need to know about the Hybrid Asiatic Lily Care

Black Charm Asiatic Lily is one of the most dramatic yet beautiful plants of the Liliaceae family.

Black Charm Asiatic Lily
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The Black Charm Asiatic Lily is a rare potted plant sought after by numerous home designers and indoor gardeners all over the world. This is because of its almost-black, dramatic bloom that the exotic plant features. 

Although the Black Charm Asiatic is regarded as a black plant, it is, however, a very dark shade of red or rather a purple color that could be mistaken as black when placed under the wrong lighting. 

The black Asiatic lily flower petals of the Black Charm are great when paired in a pot with various contrasting colors and as such, make them the ideal ornamental plant when trying to give off a mysterious dramatic feel to your living space.

Botanical NameLilium Asiatica ‘Black Charm’
Common NamesBlack Charm Lily, Asiatic Hybrid Lily
Plant TypePerennial, Hybrid
Full Size30 to 36 inches
Sun ExposureFull or Partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell Draining soil 
ToxicityIt is toxic to pets if ingested 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Care

Caring for Asiatic lilies are easy when you have a deep understanding of the plant requirements and ensure you meet them. 

To ensure that the Black Charm Variety of the Asiatic Lily flourishes, you must provide it with the right lighting conditions, water conditions, soil conditions, and fertilizing conditions. Pruning and propagation also require specific knowledge to be able to be done in a proper manner.

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Light Requirements 

When caring for Asiatic lilies, providing the right exposure to sunlight is a great way to encourage proper growth. 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Light Requirements

The Black Charm variety is no exception. The beautiful black plant requires access to enough sunlight to stay healthy.

Full or direct sunlight would be most needed by the exotic plant, however, do be careful, as prolonged exposure to the sunlight might lead to the foliage getting damaged. 

A recommended time frame would be to expose the potted plant to a maximum of 6 hours a day to direct sunlight. After which you can provide shaded but bright sunlight for the remaining part of the day. 

The plant can survive low lighting but it might not produce the beautiful bloom it is most known for.  

An ideal place to keep the potted exotic plant would be in a room, right next to a window,  there,  the lily Asiatic plant would have its light requirements met. 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Water Requirements

Another important aspect to consider when taking care of Asiatic lily plants would be how often you decide to water them.

For the black charm lily Asiatic hybrid plant, watering shouldn’t be a regular affair but rather an occasional practice, as the plant does require moist soil at all times.

Be Careful when watering your Asiatic, not to leave the soil soggy as this could be detrimental to the roots of the Asiatic Black Charm. 

Focus on the root system and not the leaves when watering and try to water it once a week at 1 or a maximum of 2 inches of water.  

A great practice when watering your Asiatic black charm to avoid overwatering would be to feel the top part of the soil, if it is almost dry, you can then proceed to water the plant. 

During a hot season, you might want to employ drip irrigation when watering your Asiatic Lily plant. This should act as supplemental watering in the presence of excess heat. 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Soil Requirement

The ideal soil needed by the Asiatic lily perennial plant would be well-draining soil, with as much organic compost in it to boost proper growth. 

Mixing compost and peat and mulch to the loamy or sandy soil would be ideal. Do ensure that the soil pH level is right.  

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Soil Requirement
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The Soil being used for the Asiatic lily black charm should have a slightly acidic value that ranges from 6.1 to 7.3.

In all you do, the most important requirement when it comes to the best soil condition for the Asiatic lily would be that you maintain good soil with appropriate draining capacity but little water retaining capacity so that the soil type remains moist, not soggy.

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Humidity and Temperature Requirement

The Black Charm Asiatic plant does well in a cool environment. As most times the plant could end up drooping when exposed to excess heat. 

Therefore, you must strive to ensure that you provide the appropriate cool climate for your Black Charm Asiatic Lily. 

An ideal temperature for the Black Charm Asiatic Lily would be between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily Fertilizing Requirement
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Black Charm Asiatic Lily Fertilizing Requirement

Fertilizing your Black Charm Asiatic Lily should be done well during the start of the growing season. You can also help to support flower development by applying fertilizer while the flowers are about finishing.

The best fertilizer to use for your black charm Asiatic Lilies would be a 5-10-10 or a 10-10-10. Just ensure the fertilizer is added to the top level of the soil, so as not to disturb its roots.

Proper fertilizing of your Black Charm Lily Asiatic exotic plants would help encourage a proper root system while growing.

Propagating Black Charm Asiatic Lily

You can propagate your Black Charm Lily through bulb scaling. The process of propagation through bulb scaling is as follows.

You can start off by peeling the external scales on the dormant bulb. Do be gentle when doing this. While peeling, do ensure that there is a tiny number of flat bases attached to each scale peeled off.  Once this is done, you plant the bulb.

Those peeled scales are then planted in a potting mix that contains good, well-draining organic compost soil. Make sure the pointed tip of the scale is facing upwards.

You can then place this pot into a greenhouse that is kept cool while ensuring that the soil is always kept moist.

During the summer growing season, you can expect bulblets to form, and during the autumn or fall period, you can expect leaves to germinate.

The young plants can then be taken and planted in pots. Ensure they don’t receive direct access to sunlight. A shaded environment would be perfect.

The Black Charm Asiatic Lily could take up to 3 years before you can start to see the beautiful dark flowers being produced.

Pruning The Black Charm Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic lily black charm does require you to prune it to get rid of dead, damaged leaves and also ensure proper growth.

Pruning The Black Charm Asiatic Lily
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Asiatic lilies in general are could be toxic to pets, cats in particular, when ingested in large quantities.

Common Health Problems of the Black Charm Asiatic Lily

When exposed to excess water during watering, the roots of the Asiatic lily black charm could suffer from root rot. Some of the common health problems suffered by the Asiatic Lily Plack charm include:

  • Drooping leaves
  • Yellow Leaves
  • Root rot
  • Aphids
  • Red Lily Beetle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Asiatic lilies grow in shade?

Yes, Asiatic lilies can grow in areas of low lighting. However, for proper, healthy growth, adequate access to sunlight is needed.

Do Asiatic lilies bloom all summer?

Part of the reason the Asiatic lilies are so loved is that their beautiful blooms can last all summer

Are Asiatic lilies perennials?

Yes, the Asiatic lily black charm is often considered a perennial flowering plant.

How do black charm lilies grow?

They grow by propagation through bulb scaling.

Can you plant Asiatic lilies in a pot?

The Asiatic lily plant makes a perfect potted plant. All that is required is that they are provided with appropriate soil conditions.