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17 Best Types of Black Flower Plants To Grow

Black Plants are beautiful additions to any home or garden they are placed in. Their beautiful black foliage gives off a sophisticated yet tropical feel to any home or garden. 

An interesting fact is, The dark flowers produced by a black plant are not an actual black color, but a darker shade of red, purple, or burgundy. That being said these gorgeous plants are great when paired with bright-colored flowers.   

Here are some of the most beautiful black flower plants to be added to your pretty black flower garden.

Black Petunia

Black Petunia
Brookside Plant Nursery
Botanical NameBlack Petunia
Common NamesBlack Mamba Petunia, Crazytunia, Black Velvet Petunia
OriginSouth America
Plant TypePerennial, Trailing plant

The Black Petunia is a plant with natural black flowers(or at least, is closer to nature than most black plants out there). It has its origins tied to the deep South American tropical forests and is one of the black flower perennials that rely on excess direct sunlight to flourish. 

The Black Petunia is blessed with beautiful jet-black flowers that offer a striking aesthetic when used as an indoor ornamental plant. The Black Petunia is best grown in a hanging basket since it is a trailing plant 

Raven ZZ Plant

Raven ZZ Plant
Fleur Plant Shop
Botanical NameZamioculcas Zamiifolia
Common NamesBlack ZZ  Plant, Jet Black Raven, ZZ Plant 
Plant TypePerennial, Tropical Succulent

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a great choice when you are searching for an easy-to-grow and care-for houseplant. 

This beautiful house plant thrives in the presence of Indirect sunlight but can also survive low-light areas. 

The houseplant features deep dark green foliage that could be mistaken for black when viewed from an angle. It makes a great ornamental plant for your homes and even for your gardens.  

Watering your Raven ZZ Plant should not be an everyday affair. It is drought-tolerant and can go longer without needing water or much attention. 

Black Elephant Ear Plant

Black Elephant Ear Plant
Eden Brothers
Botanical NameColocasia esculenta
Common NamesBlack Magic Elephant Ear, Black Taro
Plant TypeTropical Perennial 

The Black Taro or Colocasia Esculenta is an outdoor plant that would be perfect for your gardens and verandas. 

The beautiful outdoor plant is quite large as it has a growing range of 6-8 ft, with leaves as wide as 2 ft.  The leaves are heart-shaped and feature dark purple stalks, with bluish-gray, smoky foliage that is quite exquisite when looked at. 

The Black Magic elephant is an easy plant to grow and take care of. Just ensure you provide the plant with as much access to indirect sunlight as possible. 

Black Charm Asiatic Lily

Black Charm Asiatic Lily
Garden Tags
Botanical NameLilium Asiatica Black Charm
Common NamesAsian Lily, Asiatic Hybrid Lily, Black Charm 
Plant TypeTropical Perennial 

The Black Charm Asiatic Lily is another easy to grow and care for the plants on this list. It is obtained when you cross an Asiatic Lily with a Trumpet Lily. 

This hybrid black plant features beautiful star-shaped flowers which are a mix of red and black in color. 

 The dark Flower petals of the Black Charm Asiatic lily would make a stunning addition to your black flower garden. They can be grown alone or with beautiful flowers with contrasting colors. 

Black Bamboo Plant

Black Bamboo Plant
Lewis Bamboo
Botanical NamePhyllostachys Nigra
Common NamesBlack Bamboo
Plant TypeBamboo 

The Phyllostachys Nigra pr Black Bamboo plant is a prized ornamental garden plant. Its rugged exterior can be deceiving as Bamboo in general is a type of grass. 

This variety of bamboo, however, differs in appearance from the regular bamboo. It features a deep dark bluish-green stem that looks black when viewed from most angles. 

Its trunk-like stems and verdant leaves make the Phyllostachys Nigra a perfect addition to your gardens. 

Black Magic Rose

Black Magic Rose
Garden Pics and Tips
Botanical NameRosa Hybrida
Common NamesRosa Black Magic, Hybrid Tea Rose
Plant TypeFlower, rose

The Rosa Hybrida Black Magic is a rare rose variety that was cultivated in Germany for the first time in 1980.

This flower-type plant would be perfect as both an indoor ornamental plant and stunning addition to your flower bouquet. 

The beautiful flowering plant features dark green foliage with beautiful dark or deep red flower petals that give off a dramatic, sophisticated and all-around magnificent look to whatever space they are placed in. They, however, do require a lot of attention to stay fresh and thriving. 

Moulin Rouge Sunflower

Moulin Rouge Sunflower
Botanical NameHelianthus annuus
Common NamesMoulin Rouge Sunflower
Plant TypeFlower, annual plant

The Moulin Rouge Sunflower is a stunning flowering plant that makes a great ornamental plant. It requires attention and a lot of care to flourish. 

The plant features a beautiful rusty-black flower with a black middle. It has orange-reddish fiery tips that are remarkable. 

Enough care would be required by the dark flowering plant; this would include regular watering. Access to bright but indirect sunlight is also a requirement for the Moulin Rouge Sunflower.

Diablo Ninebark 

Diablo Ninebark 
Green Thumbs Garden
Botanical NamePhysocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo’
Common NamesDiabolo Ninebark Diabolo, Eastern Ninebark
OriginNorth America
Plant TypeShrub, 

The Diablo Ninebark is a shrub plant that is grown because of its exotic foliage. The shrub features beautiful dark greenish-purple leaves that could be mistaken for black with ease. 

The plant also produces little clusters of white flower petals that are in contrast to the almost black leaves. The Diablo Ninebark can grow as high as 8 ft and as wide as 10 ft, making it a dense shrub that is perfect for a garden. 

Being a shrub, they require little maintenance and regular pruning to thrive. All in all the Diablo Ninebark is a great choice when looking to create a  garden filled with black and white plants.

Queen Of The Night Tulip

Queen Of The Night Tulip
Farmer Gracy
Botanical NameTulipa ‘Queen of Night’
Common NamesQueen of the Night Tulip
Plant TypeEvergreen, Bulb

The Queen of the Night Tulip is a stunning perennial, and a great addition to any living space they are added to. 

This beautiful dark plant features a very dark shade of purple flowers with a dark green stem. They provide stunning aesthetics when paired with bright yellow flowers in a garden. 

They require access to bright direct sunlight and well-draining soil with great moisture retaining capacity. They are dark flowering plants so a lot of care and attention would be required. 

Fritillaria persica

Fritillaria persica
Botanical Namefritillaria persica
Common NamesPersian Lily
OriginMediterranean region
Plant TypeFlowering Plant, Perennial. 

The Persian Lily is another unusual plant that would bring remarkable beauty to your living spaces and indoor gardens. 

This exotic flowering black perennial features grayish green dark foliage with beautiful dark purple flowering petals that are gorgeous to look at. 

The black perennial can be easy to grow and care for, just ensure you provide access to direct sunlight and well-draining soil.

Oxalis triangularis  

Oxalis triangularis  
Botanical NameOxalis Triangularis
Common NamesFalse Shamrock
Plant TypePerennial, flowering plant

It is called a shamrock because it features 3 dark purple (almost black) leaves attached at its center to a dark green stem on each of its leaf sections that reminds us of a shamrock. 

The false shamrock plant also features beautiful snow-white flowers in contrast to the dark colors of the foliage.  

It is an easy plant to grow and care for, its major requirements are that you keep its soil well-draining and moist always. 

Calathea Roseopicta ‘Dottie’

Calathea Roseopicta ‘Dottie’
Royal Plants
Botanical NameCalathea Roseopicta ‘Dottie’
Common NamesRose Painted Calathea
OriginNorthwest Brazil
Plant TypeEvergreen, Perennial

The Rose Painted Calathea is a variegated species of Calathea. The beautiful dark-colored plant is perfect as an indoor ornamental plant as well as a great addition to your garden.  

The exotic house plant features a rubbery dark green-colored foliage that could be mistaken for black with ease. It is variegated with a purplish-reddish color towards the outer edges of the beautiful houseplant.

With a better understanding of the Calathea Roseopicta Dottie, it could be grown and cared for with relative ease.

Osmin Purple Basil

Osmin Purple Basil
Botanical NameOcimum basilicum
Common NamesPurple Basil 
OriginAsia, Africa, and America
Plant TypePerennial, shrub

The leaves of the Osmin Purple Basin are often regarded as edible. They are the darkest leaves of all purple basil varieties.

While small in size, the Osmin Purple Basil makes a great indoor plant as it features gorgeous dark purple foliage that is almost black in color. 

They are better grown in areas with enough access to full direct sunlight. However, the Osmin Purple Basil would survive low lighting conditions. 

Black Beauty Elderberry 

Black Beauty Elderberry 
Plant Addicts
Botanical NameSambucus Nigra
Common NamesBlack Beauty Elderberry
FamilySambucus Elder
Plant TypeShrub Tree

The fragrant leaves of the Black Beauty Elderberry are eye-catching in all of their glory. The dark plant is best suited as an outdoor plant, as it does have a tendency to grow pretty wild. 

It features a thin deep purple foliage that is dense and blessed with purple pinkish flowering that is in contrast with the dark leaves of the plant. 

Being a shrub, some level of attention and care would be required to thrive. This would include pruning and ensuring it has access to full or partial sunlight. 

Persian Shield

Persian Shield
Home Plants Guide
Botanical NameStrobilanthes Dyeriana
Common NamesPersian Shield, Royal Purple Plant
Plant TypeFlowering plant, Shrub Evergreen

The Persian Shield is one of the most elegant shrubs that exist. It is guaranteed to provide a royal look to your gardens with its majestic appeal. 

The Persian Shield leaves are lance-shaped and feature a silvery shine that amplifies the dark texture.  It is coated with a deep dark purplish-reddish color and beautiful light blue blooms. 

The plant requires a moderate level of attention and care when growing in your garden. Little pruning and sufficient access to full or partial sunlight.  

Hellebore Onyx Odyssey 

Hellebore Onyx Odyssey 
Carolyn’s Shade Gardens
Botanical NameHelleborus x hybridus ‘Onyx Odyssey’
Common NamesHellebore Onyx Odyssey
Plant TypeEvergreen Perennial, Flowering Plant

Another black plant on the list which requires a moderate level of attention is the Hellebore Onyx Odyssey. 

The beautiful Hellebore variety features dark green foliage with beautiful dark purple and maroon color flowers. The leaves of the Hellebore might be toxic when ingested; however, they do make beautiful ornamental plants. 

Growing and taking care of the Hellebore variety is easy, just ensure you prune often and provide access to bright but indirect sunlight. 

Black Mondo Grass  

Black Mondo Grass  
Home Depot
Botanical NameOphiopogon planiscapus
Common NamesBlack Mondo Grass
Plant TypeEvergreen, Perennial 

The Black Mondo grass is not a grass but a small perennial evergreen shrub that offers a dramatic look to the living space it is kept in. 

The black plant features a grass-like look, with thin leaves that are dark green, almost black in color. During the summer, it produces lavender flowers while it produces berries that are purple in color during the fall season. 

The black perennial requires a moderate level of attention which includes regular pruning and access to direct sunlight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there natural black flowers?

No, there aren’t any plants that are 100% black in color. They are most times, darker shades of purple, red or green. 

What are black flowers used for?

Most Black flowers are used to add a certain Ornamental surprise to most environments. 

Are black flowers rare?

Black flowers are very unique and therefore that makes them rare.