These Are Some Of The Cool Houseplants To Grow

Cool houseplants offer a stunning aesthetic to any living space they are introduced to. Some of these plants are fitted with glossy leaves or have beautiful fenestrations.  Here are some of our personal picks that we recommend you grow indoors. They are easy to maintain and can be grown anywhere indoors.  Calathea Pinstripe  Botanical Name: … Read more

The Foxtail Fern: Perfect for Pots

The Foxtail fern is actually a perennial herb, not a fern, native to Africa. Asparagus densiflorus is an easy-to-grow, indoor fern with a lush, upright growth habit. While Foxtail plants can be grown outside, the plant makes an excellent houseplant as well. Foxtail Fern Appearance The Foxtail asparagus fern features feathery foliage that, at first … Read more