Fall Flower Planting: 8 Fall Flowers To Grow In Your Garden This Season

Fall flowers are a great addition to your modern gardens as there are lots of evergreen shrubs, annuals, and perennial flowering plants that you could grow, which would keep your garden looking bright and colorful after a successful summer season

However, some of these popular fall flowers would need to be planted during the late spring or the start of summer.

So, get your garden tools ready and try out this list of fall flowers to plant now. 

 Platycodon grandiflorus

Platycodon grandiflorus
Botanical Name Platycodon grandiflorus
Common Names Balloon Flower or Chinese bellflowers
Origin East Asia 
Family Campanulaceae
Plant Type Herbaceous Perennial Flowering plant 

The Balloon Flower or Platycodon grandiflorus is a great flowering plant known to produce bright blooms in fall season. Platycodon plants feature clump-forming foliage that is short and doesn’t grow more than 3 feet in height. 

They produce flowers that range from the color lavender to the color white and they have a reputation for being easy to grow to perform well when exposed to either full or partial sunlight. Watering should be kept moderate for the balloon-shaped plant. 


Botanical Name Chrysanthemums
Common Names Chrysanths or Mums
Origin Northeastern Europe and East Asia 
Family Asteraceae
Plant Type Flowering perennial plant 

Chrysanths are perfect autumn flowers that you should try out in your gardens. They provide the gardens with a very wide range of colors, featuring almost every shade except for the color blue. Mums are carried by strong stems with many branches holding double or single pom pom-like flowers at their base.   

Grow your Mums flowers in a garden where they have enough access to bright yet indirect sunlight. Do ensure they get enough water though, as they require moist but not soggy roots. 


Botanical Name Amaranthus
Common Names Amaranths 
Origin America 
Family Amaranthaceae
Plant Type Short-lived Perennial or Annual plants

Amaranthus is regarded as a diverse genus of pseudocereals, leaf-vegetables, and ornamental plants that could be grown as annual plants or short-lived perennial plants. They feature egg-shaped broad leaves that are oftentimes covered with little hairs.

During the autumn, Amaranths produce dense flowers or fall blooms that range in color. Grow these low-maintenance plants in areas with either direct sunlight or partial shade. They require you to water them at least once or twice a week.

Viola tricolor var. hortensis

Viola tricolor var. hortensis
Botanical Name Viola tricolor var. hortensis
Common Names Pansies 
Origin West Asia and Europe
Family Violaceae
Plant Type Hybrid flowering plant 

Pansies are proud members of the Violaceae family. They are excellent types of fall flowers that have become popular due to their high tolerance for winter. Pansies do not do well in extreme heat so plant them at the end of summer. 

These exotic flowers feature overlapping petals that are covered in very bright colors and patterns. Grow them in areas of partial shade as they don’t require much heat. Watering should be kept at moderate levels after the soil gets a little dry.

Fuchsia magellanica

Fuchsia magellanica
Botanical Name Fuchsia magellanica
Common Names Hardy fuchsia or Hummingbird fuchsia 
Origin South America
Family Onagraceae
Plant Type Flowering perennial shrub plant 

The Fuchsia magellanica is known to belong to the primrose family. It is filled with lots of colors that range from red to lavender to blue. Hardy fuchsia plants are carried by dark green shrubs and they can grow tall reaching heights of 10 feet. 

Grow these exotic fall flowers in zone 7 of the USDA zones. They require proper moist soil, with adequate drainage capabilities. Keep the sunlight intensity at moderate with adequate shade in the afternoon and complete exposure to the morning sunlight. 


Botanical Name Solidago 
Common Names Goldenrod 
Origin North America 
Family Asteraceae
Plant Type Perennial Herbaceous plant 

Solidago which is also known as Goldenrods are a large genus with almost 120 different plant species. They are known to grow in large open areas like meadows and they feature dark green slender stems which carry yellow pollen-filled flowers located at the tip of the plant. 

Goldenrods have a weed-like growth habit and would do well in areas with access to direct or full sunlight. Keep the watering moderate by ensuring you water once a week, after the soil has been a little dry. 


Botanical Name Helianthus 
Common Names Sunflowers 
Origin Central America and North America
Family Asteraceae
Plant Type Flowering Perennial and Annual plant 

Sunflowers are a popular genus of over 70 different species. They are known for their bright-colored, yellow petals which are carried by long, hairy stems measuring up to 15 feet and are accompanied by rough spiral leaves.

Helianthus flowers are known to bloom in the summer, but they do extend their blooms well into the fall or autumn season. Grow your sunflowers in areas with exposure to at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Watering should be kept moderate as they don’t do well in soggy soil. 


Botanical Name Dahlias
Common Names Dahlias
Origin Central America and Mexico 
Family Asteraceae 
Plant Type Tuberous, perennial herb plant

Dahlias are popular autumn flowers that are known for their bright-colored petals that are toothed and segmented. They come in a wide variety of colors ranging from white to purple, to red and yellow. 

Just like sunflowers, Dahlias are known to bloom in the summer season, however, their blooms extend towards the autumn season and they do well when grown in areas with exposure to direct sunlight and require consistent watering practice. We recommend drip irrigation for your Dahlia flowering plants. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the best fall flowers?

The best fall flowers you can grow in your gardens are the sunflower and the chrysanthemums. 

Do mums attract bees?

No, Chrysanthemums do not produce nectar and they have very poor pollen, so bees are not attracted to them. 

What are the most popular fall flowers?

The most popular fall flowers in existence are sunflowers, pansies, mums, and dahlias.

What flowers do you decorate with in the fall season?

Some of the best flowers you can use in decorating, this fall season include; succulents, dahlias, mums, and even pansies. 

When should you grow fall flowers?

The best time to grow fall flowers in a garden would be from middle august to late august.

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