10 Best Bulbs To Plant In Fall Seasons

There are numerous beautiful flower bulbs to plant in the fall season in anticipation of the blooms of the spring season.

bulbs to plant in fall

These bulbous plants are easy to grow and care for and they help spruce up the gardens as they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.


Leucojum spp
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Botanical NameLeucojum spp
Common NamesSnowflakes 
OriginIran, Turkey, Europe
Plant TypeBulbous perennial plant

Leucojum or Snowflakes are a genus of flowering bulbs that are native to parts of Eurasia (Europe and Asia), they are great flowers to plant in September, as they are known to produce stunning, white flowering blooms during Spring season. 

They are best planted as border plants or in rock gardens, ensuring they receive adequate full or direct sunlight and regular watering, but try not to overdo it. They can be toxic when eaten which helps keep rodents away. 


Tulip Festival Amsterdam
Botanical NameTulipa
Common NamesTulips
Plant TypeHerbaceous, bulb flowering plant 

Tulips are a large genus filled with different species with different colors, sizes, and shapes. They offer variety in your gardens and they are easy to grow and care for. Growing tulips in the mid-fall would help prepare them for springtime. 

Grow them in rock gardens with fast-draining soil, enough access to direct sunlight, and frequent watering. 


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Botanical NameNarcissus
Common NamesDaffodils
OriginNorthern Europe
Plant TypeBulbous flowering perennials 

Daffodils are awesome perennial bulbs to plant in fall as they prefer the cooler climate that comes with fall. They are known to produce blooms in the spring, are easy to grow, and are toxic to pets.

Grow your Daffodils in areas with rich, well-draining soil, just ensure you provide them with full sunlight and water them every week. 

Dwarf Iris

Iris pumila
Botanical NameIris pumila
Common NamesDwarf Iris, Pygmy Iris
OriginNorthern Iran, and Russia
Plant TypeFlowering Bulb plants

Dwarf Iris plants are known for their dainty flowers. Reaching a maximum height of 6 inches, they produce exotic, unique flowering blooms throughout spring and attractive grass-like foliage that would be perfect for rock gardens. 

They are suitable spring bulbs to plant in fall as they require a cool climate as well as partial shade. Dwarf iris can also grow in full sunlight and watering should be done when the soil feels a little dry, so keep it to once a week.


Cool Plants
Botanical NameGalanthus
Common NamesSnowdrop
OriginMiddle East and Europe
Plant TypeHerbaceous, perennial bulb

Snowdrops are a small genus of flowering bulbous plants that are known for their white, bell-shaped flowers. They are best planted in groups of 12 as they often start blooming in late winter and the start of spring. 

They require soil rich in humus, well-draining, and with moderate moisture-retaining ability. The sun exposure ranges from full sun to part shade. 


Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Botanical NameHyacinthoides non-scripta
Common NamesBluebells
OriginSpain and Britain
Plant TypeBulbous Perennial 

Bluebells produce fragrant flowers from the middle of spring to the start of summer. They spread with ease so avoid planting them on small borders. They are best planted at woodland edges or on a lawn as their tubular flowers are perfect for a carpet effect. 

They require partial shade to flourish, but they can survive full sunlight. The soil type should be rich and well-draining. 


Crocus spp
Botanical NameCrocus spp
Common NamesCrocus
OriginEurope and Mediterranean
Plant TypeSeasonal flowering plant

Crocus is a large genus of 100 plant species. They are low-growing and are known for their cup-like blooms.  Crocus plants share close similarities with snowdrops, as they both produce blooms in the late winter and start of spring. 

Grow your Crocus in moist, well-draining soil with direct sunlight and regular watering  (once a week). 


Botanical NameFritillaria spp
Common NamesFritillaria
OriginAsia and Middle East 
Plant TypePerennial, flowering herbs 

Fritillaries are exotic-looking flowering plants that are great deer-resistant bulbs to plant in fall and are known to produce blooms in the late spring. Their flowers are bell-like and are attached to slim falling stalks. They are best grown in gardens with bright colored flowers to produce an eerie effect. 

Plant your Fritillaria in areas with well-draining, humus soil. They require full sunlight but can survive partial shade and would require average watering. 


Lilium Spp
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Botanical NameLilium Spp
Common NamesLily 
Plant TypeHerbaceous flowering plant 

Lilies are a large genus with lots of different species with different appearances and growth habits. They are known for their sweet scent and elegant wide-spreading flowering blooms. It is best to grow your Lilies in a rock garden.

Plant lilies in areas of rich, well-draining soil. They require full or direct sunlight and regular watering but be careful not to overdo it, as lilies are prone to rot. 


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Botanical NameAllium Spp
Common NamesAllium, garlic
Plant TypeFlowering bulbous perennials 

Allums is a carefree, easy-to-grow genus from the Amaryllidaceae family.  Some of the notable species from the allim genus include onion and garlic and they are also known for their stunning purple blooms that are produced at the start of spring. 

Grow Alliums in areas of full, direct sunlight, ensure they are watered every week, and are planted in well-draining soil with good moisture-retaining ability. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best bulbs to plant in fall zone 9?

Planting lilies and gladiolus are excellent choices for spring planting in areas with zone 9 USDA.

Can you leave bulbs in the ground all year?

Yes, most bulbous plants can be left in the ground all year.

What is the best way to plant tulip bulbs in the fall?

You need to give tulips the chance to establish themselves by planting them at the start of fall season.

How late can you plant bulbs?

Bulbs like tulips and daffodils can be planted as late as January.

What are the best annual bulbs to plant in fall?

Alliums and daffodils could be planted as annuals in the fall season.