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Outdoor Jade Plant Care

The Crassula Ovata or Jade plant is known as an indoor ornamental plant, this is due to its small compact size and need for high humidity and temperature. However, with the right temperature and other requirements, you can also grow jade plants outdoors.

Outside Jade, plants are best suited for areas with a USDA hardiness zone of 10 and above, as temperature levels that are lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit would have terrible consequences on the plant’s health. 

Although while indoors, jade plants can reach a height of 3 feet, jade plants outside can reach a maximum height of 10 feet, making them cute, small outdoor trees. 

Why Grow Jade Plants Outside? 

Growing Jade plants outdoors in areas of high humidity and temperature present it with lots of uses as the plant is drought and pest resistant. 

  • They can be grown as border trees or used as hedges; this would require them to be pruned or trimmed often, to maintain a stunning appearance. 
  • Their small sizes give off a bonsai tree-like aesthetic that is remarkable. 
  • Jade plants can also be grown in a garden as they are known to form colonies and groves when left to grow wild. 

Tips On Jade Plant Care Outdoors

Jade plants are known as sturdy compact plants that can withstand some unfavorable conditions. However they can be stressful when grown outdoors, as to grow healthy, you have to ensure you meet some basic requirements. 

Potting Requirement

Crassula Ovata is a slow grower that might need to be repotted often, but they do grow bigger when outside than they do inside.

The best pot size for the jade plant would be one that is at least an inch bigger in diameter than the jade plant size. This is because they love to feel snuggle in their pots, so excess space limits their growth.  

When planted outside, a jade plant can reach a full size of 10 feet, in that case, the ideal pot size to use should be 11 inches in diameter. 

Ensure that the pot used has sufficient holes to aid proper drainage, as the roots would appreciate moist soil, not wet soil. 

Soil Requirement 

Like most succulents, the best soil type to use for a jade plant when grown outdoors should be well-draining loose soil. 

Loamy soil is a perfect soil choice for the Jade plant outdoors. If it gets too heavy, consider adding perlite to help lighten the soil.

The pH level of the soil should be a little acidic, this should help promote healthy growth.  A range between 6.5 and 7.0 is great. 


With soil and potting requirements being met, you need to select a location that suits the jade plant. Avoid locations with full shade as the potted jade plant requires sufficient sunlight to grow and even produce flowers. 

The Jade plant is known to adapt to its environment, so if you start off the jade plant in full sunlight, over time you would not need to provide shade or fear any damage caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. 

But it is still recommended that you provide some sort of shelter from the afternoon sun. So pick a location with access to bright but partial shade. An eastward location would be perfect. 


Using the right watering practice is important to the Jade plant outdoor care, as they are known to be drought resistant but require regular watering to stay healthy. 

When watering, you should aim for a soak and dry method. This means the watering done should be thorough but ensure the soil being used is a little dry before the next watering session. 

Avoid growing the jade plant in areas with regular rain, as the excess water would affect the plant. 

Before watering, you can use a moisture meter to check the soil’s level before watering or feel the soil with your finger to know if it’s in need of water. 

Provide Adequate Protection From the Cold. 

This might be a little challenging when growing Jade plants outside or in gardens, but always stay informed on the weather forecast. 

Jade plants don’t do well in areas with excess cold or rain, so ensure the plant is covered and protected from temperature levels lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a jade plant live outside?

Yes, they can live outdoors, but they require a mild temperature with a USDA zone of 10 and above.

How big does jade plant get outdoors?

When grown outdoors the size of the jade plant can range from 6 feet to 10 feet.

Do jade plants like direct sun?

Yes, most jade plants do well when grown in areas of full or direct sunlight. 

How fast does jade grow?

Jade plants are slow growers that grow at a rate of 2 inches each year.

How much does a jade plant cost?

Jade plants are inexpensive as their price ranges from $10 to $20