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Lilium Casa Blanca : Caring for the Casablanca Lily Flower

The Casa blanca flower is a flowering bulbous hybrid plant from the Lilium genus. It is a perennial plant that is grown for its aesthetics as an ornamental flower. Casa blanca lilies produce fragrant flowers known to bloom at night time. 

Lilium Casa Blanca 

Its blooms start from mid summer to the late summer and possess unique features. The Casablanca flowers feature 6 white petals surrounding orange anthers. The flowers are milky white and bowl-shaped and fall in contrast to the anthers. In addition, the vasa lily produces a sweet-smelling fragrance you would love. 

Grow casa lilies in a moon garden to provide a white angelic feel. They also make great flowers for a bridal bouquet. If you do have cat pets at home, the casa blanca lily is known to be toxic to them.   

Botanical NameLilium Casa Blanca 
Common NamesCasa Blanca Lily 
OriginAsia, North America, and Europe 
Plant TypeHybrid Perennial Lily 
Full SizeRanges from 3 feet to 4 feet tall 
Sun ExposureDoes well in full sun, can tolerate light shade
Soil TypeWell-draining, organic, acidic mix 
ToxicityToxic to cats when ingested, but no other pets 

Caring For The Casa Blanca Oriental Lily 

The Casablanca lily flower is considered an average maintenance plant. They do well in cold areas, so be mindful of the temperature they receive. Oriental lily Casablanca plants have pretty simple or basic needs. 

Light Requirements For The Casablanca White Lily 

Ensure you provide plenty of light for your white Casablanca lily. They need at least 6 hours of full or direct sunlight to thrive. So ensure you provide it. Try to moderate it by providing direct sunlight to the top part of the plant. For the lower part, a little shade is to protect its bulbs, which could dry out from excess sun.

The exotic white casa blanca lily can also grow in full shade. But you would be left with an unattractive leggy plant with weaker stems. The stems would need a stake to guide and direct their growth if so. 

A south facing window should be your ideal spot. It provides enough sunlight for the white Casablanca lilies.  You can provide shade for the Casablanca lily bulbs by growing other plants around the lily.  Low-growing flowering plants like the evening primrose.  

Water Requirements For The White Oriental Lily 

Water Requirements For The White Oriental Lily

Regular watering is essential for the white plant.  Aim for moist soil as soggy soil might be too much for the plant’s root. So do not overwater the white lily plant. Underwatering is also bad as excess drought can kill the plant. 

Water once or twice a week depending on the climate. The hotter the weather, the more frequent watering should be. Always feel the soil with your fingers to ensure it is moist before watering. You can also make use of a moisture meter for accurate results. 

Dechlorinated water is needed as rainwater can be harsh on the plant. Leave tap water out for a day before using it on the plant.  And ensure you are watering the plant’s root not its leaves. This can avoid build up of bacteria. 

Casa Blanca Lily Soil Needs

Lily Casablancas isn’t picky when it comes to soil type. The major requirement is that it is well-draining. It should also be rich in organic compost to aid proper growth. You would need to mulch the soul to keep the plant cool. 

The pH level of the soil should be a little acidic. You can aim for a range between 6.0 and 7.0 for perfect soil. 

Ideal Humidity And Temperature Need 

A cool temperature is required for the White lily. They are frost or cold-hardy and can do well under cold climates. A temperature range between 20 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit should be fine. 

Avoid highly humid areas like the kitchen or bathroom. They do well under dry conditions, so leave them in any regular room. And avoid misting the plant.  

Fertilizer Needs For The White Casablanca Lily 

Regular fertilizer is needed every 2 weeks during its growing season. It should be a low-nitrogen fertilizer,  a 5-10-5 fertilizer should be fine. 

Propagating The Casablanca Lily

As hybrid plants, they do not produce seeds. You would need to propagate the plant by dividing the bulbs. This should be done in the autumn season. 

Common Health Problems of the Casablanca Lily   

  • Lily Beatles 
  • Mold 
  • Aphids
  • Mosaic Virus 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How deep should you plant lily bulbs?

A soil depth of at most 15 inches should be perfect for lily bulbs.

How big do Asiatic lilies get?

These are low-growing plants growing about 3 to 4 feet tall.

Why are my lily buds not opening?

Overcrowding is often the reason for this. It can also be that the bulbs are too small.

Will Asiatic lilies rebloom?

No, lilies bloom once every season.

Why are my oriental lily leaves turning yellow?

This is a sign of overwatering. You would need to cut down on your watering frequency.