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Bird of Paradise – Plant Care and Growing Tips

The Bird of paradise flower is a genus of tropical herbaceous perennial plants. They have their roots tied to regions in South Africa and are grown as ornamental plants. The exotic bird plant species comes from the Strelitziaceae family. And they are blessed with unique features. 

It is an upright-standing plant like the snake plant. The bird of paradise leaves are large and it produces peculiar flowers. The plant produces stunning flowering blooms.  This can vary in color from white to orange. One cool thing about birds of paradise flowers is their unique shape. When looked at from an angle, they resemble the head of a bird. 

You can grow your bird of paradise plant both indoors and outdoors. They are considered a little toxic to people, so be careful when growing the plant at home. It is best to grow birds of paradise plants in gardens. This is because they are quite soothing to have around. 

Botanical NameStrelitzia Spp, Strelitzia Nicolai 
Common NamesCrane flower, Birds of paradise plant 
OriginSouth Africa 
Plant TypeHerbaceous Perennial Plant 
Full SizeRanges from 3 feet to 6 feet tall
Sun ExposureFull or direct sunlight, can tolerate partial sunlight 
Soil TypeA little acidic, loamy soil  
ToxicityCan be toxic to people when ingested 

Bird of Paradise Plant Care 

Caring for a bird of paradise plant can be easy. They have basic needs and can survive a little bit of neglect. They do need frequent watering and a lot of sunlight to thrive and grow strong.

Bird Of Paradise Light Requirements

Full lighting is needed for a bird of paradise care indoors and outdoors. They need the extra energy from the sun to grow strong and well. Give them a minimum of 6 hours of full sunlight a day if you want the best results.

You can also grow them under partial shade. But you must ensure that the light coming in is still bright and sufficient. Too little sunlight or excess shade can affect the bird of paradise leaf. Its overall appearance would seem leggy and it might not produce proper blooms. 

Grow the potted strelitzia paradise plant next to a south-facing window. You can also opt for a west-facing window. There, you can provide enough sun for the bird of paradise tree. Also, try investing in grow lights as they can help boost the plant.

Bird of Paradise Water Requirements 

Watering should depend on the climate. During the hot season, you would need more frequent watering. And the cold season should see less frequent watering.  The white bird of paradise houseplant loves moist soil, not a soggy one. So avoid overwatering. 

Instead of overwatering the plant, check the moisture level of the plant soil. Use your finger for this. Stick it into the soil and feel the paradise plant’s soil moisture level. If it feels a little to dry, then you can water the plant.

Water the bird of paradise strelitzia plant with clean rainwater. Other options are dechlorinated water, or distilled water. But avoid tap water, It contains chlorine which can harm the plant’s leaves. 

If your bird of paradise leaves start turning yellow, then you need to stop watering. This is often a sign of overwatering. Instead, let the plant’s root dry up a little before watering.  

Bird of Paradise Water Requirements  

The best soil for the indoor strelitzia plant is well-draining soil. You can get that by mixing potting soil with perlite and some coco coir. You can also add organic compost to further improve the soil. 

If you are growing a bird of paradise outdoors, you would need loamy soil.  It should be well-draining and proper enough. Ensure it is a little acidic with a pH level between 6.5 and 7.0.

Temperature and Humidity Requirements for the Strelitzia 

Your temperature range should be between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below 50 degrees Fahrenheit can be too bad for the plant.

As tropical plants, they would do well under humid conditions. You can opt for regular misting of the plant. Or make use of a humidifier if growing the plant in areas of low humidity. 

Bird of Paradise Fertilizer Requirements 

Birds of paradise plants loves eating. So you should feed them each week of their growing season. When doing so, make use of a liquid fertilizer that has been diluted to half of its initial strength. 

Bird of Paradise Propagation Requirements  

You can propagate the bird of paradise plant through 2 methods. These are:

  • Division method 
  • Bird of paradise seeds 

The division is a faster way to propagate the strelitzia than using sowing seeds. Be careful not to damage the plant. 

Common Health Problems of the Strelitzia Plant 

  • Whiteflies 
  • Scales
  • Aphids 
  • Yellow leaves 
  • Leaf curl 
  • Brown leaves 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do white birds of paradise grow?

They have a slow growth rate, taking up to 5 years to mature. 

How do you make birds of paradise grow taller?

Providing full or direct sunlight can increase the plant’s size. 

Can you propagate the bird of paradise leaf in water?

No, they can’t be propagated in water. Their stems and leaves need more than water to develop. 

Why are my birds of paradise leaves curling?

Too little water and humidity can cause leaf curl for the plant.

What is the best planter for bird of paradise

The type doesn’t matter. What matters is the size of the drainage holes. It should be larger than its current pot size.