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8 Flowers and Vegetables To Plant In October

Figuring out what to grow in October is important. This is because a bulk of the planting in anticipation of the New Year’s blooms is being done in the month.

There are lots of options to consider when deciding what to plant in October. From colorful flowers to evergreen, healthy shrubs and crops. Here is a list of the best veggies and flowers to plant in October.


Botanical NameViburnums 
Common NamesCranberry bush 
OriginAsia, North Africa, and Europe 
Plant TypeFlowering, Evergreen, Deciduous plant 

Viburnums are not that popular. Still, they are a large and proud genus with over 150 species of flowering plants that are each unique. Viburnums have a remarkable growth rate, as the plant reaches a staggering height of 20 feet to 30 feet. They may vary in appearance with flowers ranging from white to pink.

You should grow viburnums at the start of October. Do this in preparation for their stunning blooms that come in the spring season. They are easy to grow and would do well in areas with rich and well-draining soil.  These plants need full sunlight, or partial shade, and keep watering at a moderate level.

Lathyrus odoratus

Lathyrus odoratus
Botanical NameLathyrus odoratus 
Common NamesSweet peas
OriginSouthern Italy, Aegean Islands, and Sicily 
Plant TypeAnnual Flowering, Climbing plant 

Sweet peas are beautiful flowering plants that are known for their sweet-smelling fragrance. They also feature climbing stems that respond to light intensity. Sweet peas form flower clusters that are dense and range in colors from pink to red, to blue to lavender and white.

Lathyrus odoratus is a perfect example of flowers to plant in October.  They produce eye-catching blooms in the spring season and are known to last a long time. Sweet peas need partial shade and protection from excess cold or frost.

Allium cepa

Allium cepa
Botanical NameAllium cepa
Common NamesOnions 
OriginCentral Asia 
Plant TypeBulbous Vegetable plant 

Onions or Allium cepa, is a common vegetable plant that you can find in most households. It is native to Central Asia and is well known for its many layers and deep to light purple color. Used as a spice or even as a medicinal plant, Onions are rich in vitamins and are healthy.

The Onion is one of (if not) the best veggies to plant in October. They are easy to grow and are sure to reward you with some heavy bulbs during the spring season. Onions would need enough access to direct sunlight to grow strong. Keep watering levels moderate and the soil should be rich.


Botanical NameSyringa
Common NamesLilac 
OriginEast Asia to Europe 
Plant TypeWoody, Perennial Flowering plant 

Lilacs are a small genus of 12 flowering plant species. They are known for their purple or lavender-colored flowers. These flowers appear as dense bushes or shrubs. Lilacs also produce remarkable sweet-smelling fragrances when grown in a spring garden. 

Syringa Lilac are proud bloomers during the spring season. They are best grown in small pots and placed in a garden where they can receive direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist with moderate watering and it should be protected from frost.


Botanical NameCrocus 
Common NamesCrocus
OriginSouthern Europe and Mediterranean area
Plant TypeLow-growing Perennial Flowering plants 

Crocus are a low-growing genus of plant species from the Iris family. They are known to grow from corms. Crocus also produce flowering blooms that are carried by underground stems. These flowers range in colors from yellow to purple to orange and then to white.

These exotic flowering species are good plants to grow in October. This is because they produce blooms during the late fall and the start of spring. They are low-maintenance. So little watering is needed with enough access to direct sunlight or partial shade.

Brassica oleracea

Brassica oleracea
Botanical NameBrassica oleracea
Common NamesKale 
OriginAnatolia and East Mediterranean 
Plant TypePerennial Vegetable plant 

Brassica oleracea or Kale are an edible vegetable plant that belongs to the same family as the Cabbage. They are known for their evergreen leaves that appear wrinkled due to their frilled or wavy margins. Kales are packed full of nutrients making them healthy. 

Growing Kale in October prepares them for a bountiful harvest in the springtime. They don’t do well in areas of frost, so you would want to protect them during the winter. Kales require sufficient sunlight and watering should be done once a week. 

 Malus pumila

Malus pumila
Botanical NameMalus pumila 
Common NamesApples 
OriginCentral Asia 
Plant TypeSmall, Fruit tree

The Malus pumila makes an excellent stunning tree to add to your Garden this October. Also known as the apple tree, it is known for its popular fruit called the apple.  It can reach a staggering height of 25 feet. 

Apple trees are easy to grow, as they do well in areas with enough access to full or direct sunlight. You can also provide deep watering to the Malus pumila to ensure the plant grows healthy and strong.


Botanical NameForsythia 
Common NamesForsythia 
OriginSoutheast Europe and East Asia 
Plant TypePerennial flowering plant 

Forsythia is a small genus of a flowering plant. It is known for its bright-colored yellow flowering blooms that are dense and grow as shrubs. These flowers are carried by woody gray to green stems. They are short, reaching a maximum height of 8 feet.

It can be easy to grow Forsythia shrubs as they are known for their longevity, surviving for many years. Growing them in areas with full sunlight exposure, rich, well-draining soil and moderate watering is key to proper growth.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I get flowering seeds to plant in October?

You can purchase flowering seeds from online stores like Amazon or regular garden stores in the US. 

What is the best month to garden?

When starting a new garden, it helps to plant towards planting between early March and late April. This is because the month is favorable to most crops and vegetables. 

What are the best crops to plant in October?

When it comes to edible crops, planting Lettuce, peas and Kale is best for the month of October. 

What flowers are in Season for the month of October? 

Some of the most popular flowers that are in season in October are Lilies, Roses, and sunflowers.

What garden season is in October?

For Gardeners, October is the season of Fall, this is the best season to plant flowers and vegetables in anticipation of the spring blooms.