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Hoya Shepherdii:Care Guide For The String Bean Hoya 

The Hoya Shepherdii is a vining succulent that looks like green beans. It belongs to the Hoya genus of houseplants and is a member of the Apocynaceae family. The plant species has its roots tied to tropical regions of Assam and Eastern Himalayas. 

String bean hoya 
EVMB Hoyas

Its features include long deep green foliage that resembles string beans. It has a trailing growth and is known to produce flowers. The Hoya shepherdii flower takes the color white and it does have a sweet fragrance. 

This exotic plant species can be grown indoors in pots. But they are better grown in hanging baskets where they are allowed to trail. You should be careful when dealing with this Hoya variety. It has a toxic sap. 

Botanical NameHoya shepherdii 
Common NamesHoya string bean plant, String bean hoya 
OriginAssam, Eastern Himalayas
Plant TypeVining Succulent plant 
Full SizeRanges from 4 to 7 inches tall
Sun ExposureBright but filtered sunlight 
Soil TypeWell-draining, aerated soil mix
ToxicityCan be toxic to both people and pets when ingested

Hoya String Bean Plant Care

Like most Hoya plant varieties, the Hoya shepherdii is an easy plant to care for. It doesn’t ask for much attention and can forgive a bit of neglect. The plant species is also sturdy and doesn’t suffer from many health conditions. 

Hoya Shepherdii Light Requirements   

Lighting has to be kept at moderate levels of the Hoya plant. It would do well when exposed to bright but filtered or dappled sunlight. Excess direct sunlight would result in its delicate leaves becoming scorched.  While too little sunlight would result in stunted growth. 

The best option would be to provide proper regulation for the light intensity it gets. Giving it a morning dose of the sunrise would be perfect for the plant. However, during the hot sunlight of the afternoon, provide enough shelter or filter. 

Keeping the plant next to an east-facing window is perfect. You can keep it a few inches from the window to further regulate the sun’s intensity. A light curtain or cloth would also be needed to help filter the sun’s rays. 

The use of growth lights is encouraged in places of low lighting. This would help promote stronger, healthier growth for the potted plant. 

Hoya Shepherdii Water Requirements 

Hoya Shepherdii Water Requirements 

Hoyas are succulents.  This means they are drought tolerant, and the Hoya shepherdii is no exception. They would survive long hours, days, or weeks with little to no water. However, you would need to water them to prevent them from drying and wilting. 

You have to check the soil’s moisture level before watering. Ensure that it is almost dry before proceeding to water it. This can be done using a soil moisture meter. If you don’t have that, try feeling the soil with your fingers. If it feels almost dry then you can proceed to watering it. 

Avoid over-watering the plant, you can open them up to fungal attacks like rot. Instead, water them with caution using distilled or dechlorinated water. Rainwater is the best water to use for the Hoya plant.

The green bean-looking succulent doesn’t like cold or hot water. Instead, use room temperature or tepid water. 

Hoya Shepherdii Soil Requirements 

For the hoya plant, the most important condition is that you use well-draining soil. It must also be well-aerated while still being a bit rich. There are stores that sell soilless mixes good for the Hoya shepherdii. 

You can make your own mix using some loamy soil. Add sandy soil to this mix, add some vermiculite (or perlite), and some peat moss.  This should provide you with a good quality mix that would be perfect for the Hoya. 

Hoya Shepherdii Humidity and Temperature Requirements 

As tropical plants, they prefer a high humidity level. A suitable level would be from 70% upwards. You can achieve this through regular misting. Another great option would be through grouping the plants together. 

Temperature levels should be kept high. A range between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 77 degrees Fahrenheit should be perfect.  Avoid very cold windows and provide protection from frost. 

Hoya Shepherdii Fertilizer Requirements 

Hoya Shepherdii Fertilizer Requirements 
The Midwestern Jungle

Fertilizer can be used once a month. This should be during the plant’s growing season which is in springtime. Avoid fertilizing your Hoyas during the winter seasons as they often go dormant. 

When fertilizing, use a urea-free fertilizer. It should be liquid soluble and diluted to about half of its initial concentration. 

Propagating Hoya Shepherdii

Hoya shepherdii propagation should be done during its growing season. It should be done via stem cuttings. But always wear protective gloves and sterilize the tool before using it. 

Common Health Problems of Hoya Shepherdii 

  • Mealybugs
  • Root rot
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How many hoya varieties are there?

There are over 50 different varieties of the Hoya genus. 

What is the best smelling Hoya?

The Hoya calycina is said to have the sweetest fragrance of all Hoyas.  

How fast does hoya shepherdii grow?

Hoya shepherdii does have a fast growth rate. Reaching weeks to complete its shoot. 

Which Hoya is easiest to grow?

The Hoya Carnosa is one of the easiest Hoya plants to grow indoors. 

Why is my hoya shepherdii dying?

This would often be a problem of overwatering. Follow the proper watering schedule.