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10 North Facing Window Plants

North-facing window plants are superb options for rooms with little sunlight access. With them, your living spaces can still look green and tropical, despite the lack of sunlight. 

These indoor plants are often low-maintenance with simple requirements. Here are some of the best plants for a north-facing window you can try; 

Snake Plants

Snake Plants

Snake plants are unique houseplants known to have a high tolerance for neglect. They can take almost any climate or condition they are placed in. Snake plants are also called the sword plant due to their unique sword-like foliage shape.

Snake Plants thrive in low lighting which is why they are good plants for north-facing windows. In addition to that, they don’t need frequent watering. They prefer moist (almost dry soil) and hate a soggy one. 

  • Botanical name: Sansevieria Trifasciata
  • Lighting needs Bright, but filtered light or low light. 
  • Soil type: Well-draining, light, loamy soil 

Chinese Evergreen 

Aglaonema Modestum 

The Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema Modestum is a tropical variety of Aglaonemas.  They are known to regions  Asia and New Guinea and possess flat but gorgeous leaves. These leaves are deep green and variegated with spots and patches of yellow. 

Aglaonemas are shade-loving plants that require little sunlight to thrive. Making them suitable indoor plants for north facing windows. But they do love high humidity, so mist them often. 

  • Botanical name: Aglaonema Modestum 
  • Lighting need: Full or partial shade
  • Soil type Rich, aerated, well-draining soil

Swiss Cheese Plant 

Swiss Cheese Plant 

 The fenestrations on the Monstera deliciosa are a fraction of why we love the plant. They also have an incredible tolerance for shade areas and can thrive in low-light areas. You can grow them in rooms with windows facing north and not worry about them. 

They do not like being overwatered, so keep watering at medium levels. You would need to fertilize them often. Do this with a liquid-soluble fertilizer. 

  • Botanical name: Monstera deliciosa 
  • Lighting need: bright, filtered light or low light
  • Soil type: Well-draining, rich, potting soil. 

Parlor Palm 

Chamaedorea Elegans

Parlor palms are some of the best low light plants you can grow next to a north facing window. They feature shrub-like leaves that grow in clusters. The plant can reach a staggering 6 feet in height. And they are low light nontoxic plants that are safe to grow around kids and pets.

The parlor palm is better suited as northeast-facing window plant. Where they can get access to bright but indirect light. Watering should be kept at moderate levels. 

  • Botanical name: Chamaedorea Elegans
  • Lighting needs: Ranges from bright indirect light to low light
  • Soil type: Aerated, acidic, well-draining soil mix. 

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos plants are some of the toughest houseplants you can grow. They feature heart-shaped flat leaves. These leaves are deep green with yellow or white patterns and are carried by thin stems.

The exotic potted plant is easy to care for as they love humid or warm areas. They also do well in low light or shade areas. And need moderate watering levels. 

  • Botanical name: Epipremnum Aureum
  • Lighting needs: Indirect or filtered sunlight
  • Soil type: Well-draining, soilless mix 

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Adiantum is a large genus. It contains over 250 different plant species.  They are some of the best window plants for north-facing walls. This is because their stunning leaves could thrive in areas of low lighting. 

They can also suffer a bit of neglect as they do not need regular watering.  Instead, it is recommended that you keep the soil moist at all times. 

  • Botanical name: Adiantum 
  • Lighting need: Bright but indirect sunlight or low light  
  • Soil type: Alkaline, moist but well=draining soil

Nerve Plant 

Nerve Plant 

Fittonias or nerve plants are cool plants that you can consider for your north facing window. They are quite gorgeous with leaves that feature colorful patterns and veins. Growing the fittonia can be tricky as they are selective to certain temperatures. 

For a healthy nerve plant, you would need to place them in a humid environment. Watering should be kept at moderate levels. 

  • Botanical name: Fittonia 
  • Lighting need: indirect or filtered sunlight 
  • Soil type: Acidic, well-draining soil 

 Moth Orchids 

Moth Orchids 

Moth orchids survive in both north-facing windows and east-facing windows. Meaning they do well in both low lighting and bright, but filtered lighting.  They have a reputation for being the easiest orchids that you can grow and care for. 

In addition to surviving low-light areas, moth orchids are known to bloom for a long time. They produce flowering blooms that range from red to white to pink. 

  • Botanical name: Phalaenopsis Sp. 
  • Lighting need: Bright but filtered sunlight
  • Soil type: Well-draining, soilless medium

Pinstripe Calathea

Pinstripe Calathea

This South American exotic plant does well when placed in a low-light, humid environment. So they are suitable plants for a northern-facing window. They feature stunning dark green leaves with white pinstripe patterns on them. 

Extra care would have to be taken when growing the Pinstripe Calathea. They require moderate watering practices and rich, well-draining soil. 

  • Botanical name: Calathea ornata
  • Lighting needs: Indirect sunlight
  • Soil type: Well-draining, moist, potting soil

Never-Never Plant 

Never-Never Plant 

Ctenanthe are awesome plants that do well in north facing windows. This is because excessive exposure to direct sunlight could scorch their delicate leaves. They are known for their oval-shaped leaves with white or yellow variegations. 

Never-Never plants are easy to grow and care for. They can survive in different types of climates and can survive some level of neglect.

  • Botanical name: Ctenanthe sp.
  • Lighting needs: Bright but indirect sunlight
  • Soil type: Rich, moist, well-draining soil mix

Frequently Asked Question  

Is north facing window good for plants?

Yes, some plants prefer the limited light the north-facing window provides. 

Can pothos be in direct sunlight?

Pothos plants are low-light loving plants. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to their leaves getting scorched. 

Which houseplants need the least amount of light?

Plants like the Golden Pothos or the Chinese evergreen plant require low light. Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight would damage the leaves.

Can English ivy grow in low light?

Yes, theHedera helix plant is a great option to grow in low light areas. 

What are the best plants for a room with no windows?

 The snake plant can survive all lighting conditions. Pothos can also survive in full shade.