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Pilea peperomioides for sale | Where to find the coveted Chinese money plant

If there’s one trend in the houseplant world that just won’t die down, it’s Pilea peperomioides. This small houseplant with its pancake-shaped leaves is popular as ever, with plant lovers all over the world scrambling to find one.

There’s just one little problem.

This coveted plant, though super easy to propagate, seems impossible to locate in many places! Some European enthusiasts are able to find this one in their local plant store, but you might not be so lucky if you’re in the US, UK, Canada and many other countries.

To help out everyone who’s still looking for their first Pilea peperomioides, I’ve compiled a list of places where you might be able to find one. Happy hunting!

Note: this article contains affiliate links. That means if you buy your Pilea peperomioides through one of the links, you help out Houseplant Central without paying extra!

Online plant stores and garden centers

If your real-life searches haven’t been fruitful so far, the Internet is probably the right place to go. Although Pilea peperomioides can still be difficult to find even online, there are a few options.

There are Amazon sellers in some countries:

  • You can buy your Pilea plant here if you’re in the US…
  • … and here if you’re in the UK.
  • If you’re in any other country that has Amazon you can always try your luck; just click the US link above and it will automatically take you to your respective country’s Amazon page. I’ve found them in the German and French stores and there might be more out there!
  • If you’re in Australia, there’s an entire store dedicated to Pilea peperomioides; their plants are a little pricy, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Fellow plant lovers

Who hasn’t been supplied with cuttings by their plant-loving family members, friends and even complete strangers?

I know I’ve gotten plenty of plants from other hobbyists and they might be the key to finding your Pilea peperomioides. Remember when I said this plant is easy to propagate? Some mother plants have dozens of babies and their owners might be very willing to sell them to you at a good price.

How do you find someone in your country who sells Pilea babies? My favorite options are:

  • Facebook groups. There are loads of FB groups out there dedicated to plants and even Pilea peperomioides specifically. Some have tens of thousands of members; good chance there’s someone in there who has some Pilea babies to spare! Houseplant Central has its own Facebook group here that you can try, or you can use the search function to find other groups.
  • Etsy. You’ve probably heard of it: Etsy is a website where people can open up a small store to sell their crafts and other items. There are a few shop owners out there who list their Pilea babies whenever they have a few to spare. If you’re quick enough you might be able to snag one at a good price! My favorite Etsy seller is Bethplusplants, who is in the US.
  • Used item sites, eBay, plant forums, Instagrammers and more. There are many places where Pilea peperomioides sellers pop up occasionally. You just have to keep a close eye out and regularly check back to see if any plants have been listed.

Your local plant store or garden center

If you’re looking for your Pilea peperomioides plant online then you’ve probably already tried this option, but it’s still worth mentioning. Have a regular look at what your local plant stores have in stock and you might get lucky!

You can also try speaking to the staff to see if they can order a Pilea plant for you so you can pick it up later.

Chinese money plant with pups

If you’ve found your Pilea peperomioides and aren’t sure how to care for it or if you want to read up on Pilea care before going on the hunt, you can find a full caresheet on Houseplant Central here.