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Trending Houseplants To Look Out For This Year

When it comes to 2024 trending houseplants, the plant world has witnessed some remarkable trends. The year has seen the emergence of numerous tropical trailing plants. Notable among them is the pothos, along with others like the prayer plant.

10 Trending Houseplants 2024 To Look Out For

Low-Light Plants

Low-Light Plants
Rose & Ammi Flowers

The year 2023 should see a lot of low-light plants come into the open. These are plants that do well when grown in dark or low-light places. There are certain plants like arrowheads, snake plants, and peace lilies to look out for. 

Most gardeners would love plants that don’t force them to worry too much about lighting. This can help reduce the overall stress they might face when coming into the year.  And most low-light plants require little watering, which is great for most people. 

Consider growing a few low-light plants this new year. They often have fast growth rates and should reward you with full blooms in a month or 2.

Big Leaf Plants

Big Leaf Plants
Sarah K. Benning

Another possible trend for the year 2023 would be plants with big, bold leaves. These are plants with tree-like features that can be grown indoors. Plants like Monstera deliciosa and crotons could see increased popularity this coming year  

Having tree-like plants with big leaves indoors does have its benefits. One is that they do a great job of filling up the room. If you have excess space in your apartment, you can grow them. In addition to that, their large leaves also help in attracting focus. 

Use big leaf plants as statement plants. Consider placing them by the corner of your apartments. You can also place them at the center, if your apartment is big enough.

Variegated-Leaf Plants

Variegated-Leaf Plants

You can almost never go wrong with variegated plants. They dominated last year’s trends, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. These colorful beauties make excellent centerpieces for your home. This is because of their eye-catching features.

Variegated plants give you a lot to work with, which is why they are still strong for the new year. Their stunning patterns and colors can help thrill your visitors this coming year.

Small Succulents

Small Succulents

If you are searching for great indoor houseplants trends. Small succulents are a great choice. They can be grown in both offices and homes as tabletop plants. And the best part is they can tolerate long periods of neglect. 

If you prefer the minimalist design style, then small succulents are for you. They do a great job when placed in cute small pots on a tabletop surface. Jade plants and stone plants are great options to look at.


Antaeus Flowers

Another plant trend has been strong for years. Orchids are the go-to plants when looking at flowers. They come in over 25,000 species and varieties to choose from. Each has different color traits and growth habits.

Orchids provide lots of beauty to indoor spaces. Their bright colorful blooms can be a rewarding sight to behold. They are also great for outdoor spaces and gardens. They provide a lot for gardeners everywhere.

Consider growing orchids indoors next to a sunny window. South-facing windows are perfect for orchids. They are also easy plants to grow and care for.

Air-Purifying Plants

Air-Purifying Plants
Plantura Magazin

Looking for plants that are also functional in addition to being gorgeous? Then consider air-purifying plants. These plants give back to their owners by helping them breathe better air. They clean out all toxins that might be trapped in the air.

Plants like the snake plant or the pothos plant are great air purifiers. People love plants that can help get rid of harmful toxins in the air. Toxins like xylene and formaldehyde are quite dangerous to the human body. 

You can also consider growing plants like the Peace lily or the English ivy. They make great bedroom plants that could further improve sleep.  

Mounted Plants

Mounted Plants
Rock Paper Plant

Another huge possible trend to shake the plant world in 2023 is mounted plants. These are plants that can be mounted or hung on a wall rather than grown in pots. Epiphytic plants like the staghorn fern are a great example. 

People are always looking for new and interesting ways to grow their plants. While epiphytic plants are not new, they are pretty interesting. They can be taken off and put on at any time. And are pretty easy to grow and care for.

There are certain orchids you can mount in your homes. You also have other options like the hoyas and bromeliads. 

Fast Growers

Fast Growers
Happy Sprout

One problem some green thumbs might have with certain plants is their growth rates. Some plants are known to have very slow growth rates.  Plants like the cactus are known for having very slow-growing rates.

This is why fast growers are a possible trend when it comes to houseplants in 2023. Plants like philodendrons, arrowheads, and ferns are great options you can go for. They produce almost instant gratification, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Outdoor/Indoor Plants

Outdoor/Indoor Plants
Dahing Plants

Having a plant that can serve as both an indoor and an outdoor plant is impressive. These plants should be able to handle temperature change pretty well. They should also be able to take different sun exposure levels very well.

The best plant for this would be the Cat Palm. It is able to handle being both an indoor plant and an outdoor plant. It is quite sturdy and can survive some neglect.

Unusual But Modern Plants

Unusual But Modern Plants
Kiwi Nurseries

A cool houseplant trend for the new year would be growing unusual but modern plants. This can range from staghorn ferns to pothos plants and even spider plants. They are easy to grow and care for.

Unusual or weird plants make great picture plants. And this 2023 should be all about capturing the moments and making memories. These unusual plants are sure to dominate the trend section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the most popular houseplant 2022?

According to Google, the most searched houseplant for 2022 would be Philodendrons.

What is the 2022 houseplant of the year?

The National Garden Bureau has named peperomias are the houseplant of the year.

What houseplants attract money?

Ficus plants are known as money plants. They are believed to be lucky plants.

What plants should not be kept at home?

Bonsai plants are said to be harmful to kids and pets. They should not be grown indoors.

Which plant purifies the air the most?

Mums or Chrysanthemums are known to be great purifying plants.