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20 Hard to Kill Houseplants

Hard-to-kill houseplants make it easy to be a plant parent, even for those with little or no skill in plant care. Known for their ability to thrive during adversity and neglect, hard to kill houseplants come in several styles and varieties suitable for any household aesthetic. 

20 Hard to Kill Houseplants

20 Houseplants That Are Really Hard to Kill

1.   Snake Plants

Snake Plants

Snake plants have thick, waxy leaves that allow them to survive in almost any environment. While it isn’t possible to underwater a snake plant, it is possible to overwater one, so ensure the plant is placed in a pot with excellent drainage.

2. Rubber Plants

Snake Plants

Rubber plants are houseplants that are hard to kill and will grow quickly, even when placed indoors. As long as this plant variety gets partial sunlight, and a small bit of water from time to time, it will continue to flourish for years. 

3. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are unique as they only require water when they begin to wilt, letting new plant parents know exactly when to water them, so they are really hard to kill. Additionally, they only need some sunlight and aren’t picky about humidity levels.

4. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant
Brighter Blooms

The Cast Iron Plant got its name from the fact that it is almost impossible to kill. Even in a low-light, dry environment, a Cast Iron Plant will have no problem staying alive for years. 

5. Hoya


Hoya is a popular hanging vine plant known for its waxy leaves. The waxy leaves of Hoya help it retain water, allowing it to flourish for a long time even without regular watering as a hard-to-kill plant. 

6. Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plants are named for their unique leaves which are riddled with holes. These holes lower the amount of light the Swiss Cheese plant needs to sustain itself, making it basically indestructible and allowing it to thrive even when placed on a dark bookshelf. Plus, it only needs watered every few weeks, so it’s an easy plant to leave behind for frequent travelers. 

7. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are practically indestructible as they easily survive with low water and low light. They make for excellent gifts because they can’t be killed by even the worst or most inexperienced plant parents. 

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is known for its distinctive, thick leaves which are filled with aloe. The thick leaves of the plant also function as water stores They allow the aloe vera plant to go for weeks without water, making it hardy and tough to kill.

9. Philodendron


Philodendrons are hard-to-kill leafy green plants that will tolerate the lowest light levels, making them ideal for dark corners. Philodendrons also don’t mind dry soil and can survive for days without watering. 

10. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Jade Plants have thick waxy leaves that are designed to store water. These leaves store enough water to keep the Jade plant alive for a month without watering, even in low humidity. 

11. Corn Plant

Corn Plant

Corn plants are hard-to-kill plants with long glossy leaves that can grow quite large with very little sunlight and water if they have enough space. While too little sunlight and water aren’t concerns for a Corn plant, too much sunlight is, so be careful to keep this plant out of direct light.  

12. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Known also by the name Chlorophytum comosum, Spider plants are one of the most adaptable and indestructible houseplants.  They can adjust to different levels of water and sunlight and prefer to stay in their current pot rather than expand into a larger one. Plus, Spider plants have very few pests, so plant parents don’t have to stress over bug control. 

13. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Madagascar Dragon Tree

There aren’t many hard-to-kill houseplants that are trees, with the Madagascar Dragon Tree being the one exception. Madagascar Dragon Trees aren’t picky about temperature, or light, and they require very little water. 

Even better, they don’t need to be fertilized. The only downside to this hardy houseplant is that it is toxic to pets. 

14. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

The Flaming Katy plant is a tough-to-kill houseplant because it actually does best when it’s neglected and only needs to be watered once every two weeks. While they prefer bright sunlight, they will tolerate lower levels of light, they just won’t bloom. 

15. Bromeliads


Bromeliads are a top choice of hard-to-kill houseplants because of the range of colors available. The amount of light and water your bromeliad needs depends on the variety, but as long as the pot is allowed to drain, the Bromeliad can withstand some of the most difficult indoor environments.

16. African Spear Plants

African Spear Plants

African Spear Plants get their name from their unique shape in which the large leaves weave around one another as they grow. Most of the time, these plants only need watering every four to six weeks, making them extremely hard to kill—though if they are placed in a hot environment, they will require more frequent, bi-weekly watering. 

17. Air Plants

Air Plants

Air plants are the ultimate hard-to-kill houseplants as they don’t require soil, or even a pot, to flourish. These plants can often get the water they need from the environment, though some must be placed over a water source from time to time to get enough water.

18. Parlor Palms

Parlor Palms

Parlor Palms are tough-to-kill houseplants that are ideal for darker homes. These plants can be burned even by indirect light and should be tucked away in a corner away from the windows. Also, they only need water every two weeks, making them best for forgetful plant parents. 

19. Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Sometimes referred to as the Haworthia, the Zebra plant is known for its green leaves covered in white stripes. Somewhat akin to a cactus, the Hawthornia is extremely hardy, rarely needing water and only needing a small amount of light to survive. 

20. Yucca


In the wild, the Yucca plant is built to be drought tolerant and the same is true when it is placed indoors. As long as it gets water a few times a year, the Yucca will be happy with any light or humidity situation, making it the hardest houseplant to kill.