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Jade Plant Pests: Identifying and Treating Jade Plant Diseases

Identifying and treating jade plant diseases and pests are an essential part of ensuring the proper growth of the succulent plant species. 

Jade Plant Pests

Although the Crassula ovata or Jade plant is regarded as an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance plant, it does suffer from a few pests and diseases that could threaten the overall health of the plant. Here are a few. 

Spider Mites

Spider Mites on jade plants are common. They are small or tiny motes that produce tiny webbings all on the undersides of the plant’s leaves and stems. 

They spread with ease from an infested plant to another and can survive by sucking up sap from the leaves of the jade plant. 

Aside from the visible white spider-like webbings on the plant’s leaves, spider mites are known to cause little dark spots on the plant’s foliage. 


Mealybugs on Jade Plant are a lot easier to spot than a spider mite. They are known for their white, fluffy bodies. 

Mealybugs hurt the Jade plant in numerous ways. One is through biting and sucking up the plant’s sap from its foliage. Another is by leaving sugary droppings that are known to attract other pests. 

You can identify the mealybug on a jade plant by looking at the plant’s leaf stem. There you would find them with ease. 

Aphids on Jade Plant 

Aphids on jade plant
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Aphids aren’t a common pest problem for the Jade plant. However, they can be harmful if left untreated. 

They are hard to spot as they feature tiny green bodies that often blend in with the Jade green leaves. However they are known to cause dark spots on the plant’s foliage, these can be used to identify them. 

In addition to that, aphids also leave behind droppings that attract other insects and encourage diseases for the jade plant.     

Powdery Mildew on Jade Plant

Powdery Mildew is not an insect infestation but a fungal infection. It can be identified as white sticky stuff on jade plant leaves. 

This fungal infection might start small, but they fast spread across to other parts of the plant and in no time it could cover a large portion of the plant in white dust. 

Overwatering the Jade plant can result in a Powdery Mildew infestation. And leaves affected by this pest would require pruning as they are impossible to recover from. 

Scales on Jade Plant 

Scales are difficult pests to notice on the Jade Plant, as they are tiny and slow, making it easy to overlook the pest. 

They are known to suck up the sap from the jade’s plant leaves and also further damage the plant by introducing bacteria into the plant’s leaves. 

In addition to that, scales are known to cause brown spots on the plant’s leaves as well as black spots. 

Treating Damages Caused By Jade Pests 

When it comes to ridding the Jade plant of its numerous pests, there are a few pesticides and insecticides you can use, here are a few.

Treating Damages Caused By Jade Pests 
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Insecticidal Soap 

 Insecticidal soap is a safe way to kill harmful pests without harming the jade plant. They are used in repeated motions to treat jade plants with aphids, scales, and powdery Mildew. 

There are specific insecticidal soaps that are made for specific insects and pests, however regular liquid soap could be used as an alternative. 

Horticulture Oil 

Horticulture oils like Neem Oil is a great pesticide but when used in excess, they can have harmful effects on the Jade plant’s leaves. 

When it comes to treating aphids and Mealybugs, you can make use of Neem oil by rubbing it on the plant’s leaves. Also, Canola oil is another helpful option, but it is more suited for minor infestations. 

Rubbing Alcohol  

Isopropyl Alcohol is often regarded as the best choice for treating most pest and insect infestations. They are also easy on the jade plant, causing no damage to its leaves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hydrogen peroxide kill spiders?

Yes, Hydrogen peroxide can be used to kill insects like spider mites, but it should be used in moderation. 

Does rubbing alcohol kill parasite eggs?

Worms and other parasite eggs could be killed by rubbing alcohol with ease. 

How do I get rid of jade plant bugs?

You can get rid of a Crassula Jade bug using horticulture oil or rubbing alcohol.

Can you spray neem oil on jade plant?

Yes, you can, as neem oil is quite delicate on the Jade plant and won’t harm it. 

Are coffee grounds good for jade plants?

Pouring coffee over the Jade plant can help retain the plant’s dark color, leaving it looking healthy.