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20 Houseplant Décor Tips

Houseplant décor tips make it simple to beautify a space using only indoor plants. With tips for succulents, ferns, hanging plants, and more, these houseplant décor tips can help no matter what type of plants you have at home.

20 Ways to Decorate With Houseplants

1. Buy One Large Plant

Buy One Large Plant

A simple way to decorate your space is with one large houseplant that makes a statement. Choose a tree, fern, or vine and feature it prominently in your living space.

2. Allow Vines to Climb

Vines look best when they can climb a surface. Place your vine on a bookshelf, by a corkboard, or even just on a shelf, and allow it to spread out as it grows.

3. Purchase Local Plants

Local plants are often the easiest to grow because they are built to survive the local climate. Plus, they are easier to care for and less hassle than plants that may be considered exotic in your area.

4. Put Large Plants on Wheels

Sometimes, your décor style might change with the seasons. For easier adjustments, put really large plants on wheeled planters to make moving them a cinch when your tastes change.

5. Choose a Bland Palette

Plants come in all shapes and colors, and the best way to fit them into your space is by choosing a bland palette for your home. Beige, white, and gray all compliment plants perfectly.

6. Leave Growing Room

The plant might be small and cute now, but it will grow bigger. As you set up your plants for décor, ensure you leave them room to spread their leaves as they grow.

7. Add Greenery to the Bathroom

Add Greenery to the Bathroom

The living room isn’t the only room that can benefit from plants. Placing a small high-humidity plant in the bathroom can spruce up the mundane space.

8. Place Plants of Different Sizes Together

Placing plants of different sizes on one table or tray can create a unique contrasting look in your home. The variation provides a visually dynamic and aesthetically pleasing arrangement, adding depth and interest to the overall plant display.

9. Have Some Flowering Plants

Green leafy plants are dependable, but you’ll want to switch it up with a flowering plant or two, especially if you plan to put plants of different sizes together. Choose two leafy plants and one flowering one to maximize contrast.

10. Buy Nice Stands and Planters

A beautiful plant will only look as good as the planter it is placed in. For best results, purchase pots and planters that match your aesthetic to ensure the plants fit in your space seamlessly.

11. Consider a Fruit Tree

Although fruit trees are harder to care for, they can add a colorful and tasty touch to any home. Just know that you will need plenty of space, water, and the right care for the tree to flourish.

Fruit Trees You Can Grow Indoors

  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Avocado
  • Fig
  • Strawberry 
  • Peach
  • Apples
  • Pears

12. Elevate Some Plants

Putting some plants higher up than others can help maximize growing and sunlight space. Use shelves and tables you already own for elevation and consider buying a plant ladder or plant shelf for some more variety.

13. Transform Your Bar Cart

Place several plants on a bar cart to create a plant shelf. You can also buy strip lights to put on the bar cart to make your plants really pop.

14. Make a Terrarium

Make a Terrarium

A terrarium can help spruce up a space that isn’t suitable for other plants. Some terrariums even have lights built in, making them excellent décor for a windowless room. Terrariums can be purchased, or you can make your own to confirm it will suit your décor style.

15. Place Plants and Books Together

One of the best houseplant décor tips is putting books and plants together on a shelf or side table. Plants and books used together can create a cozy but freshly styled room.

16. Hang Plants in a Small Space

Those without shelf or side table space should consider hanging plants as décor. Ferns, leafy plants, and air plants all respond well to being hung in a room.

17. Make a Plant Wall With Small Plants

Lots of small plants can cause a space to look cluttered quickly. Clean up your décor by placing a bunch of small plants on a peg board in formation or purchasing pot hooks for your wall.

18. Use All Corners

With houseplant décor, there is no reason to leave a corner bare. Place a plant in every free corner you have to complete your décor.

19. Put Plants By the Entrance

An excellent place to decorate with plants is by the front door. Choose a small tree or other tall plant to help you welcome visitors into your home.

20. Decorate Your Plants for Holidays

Decorate Your Plants for Holidays

There is no need to remove your plants when it is time for holiday décor. Drape your plants with lights, spiderwebs, or ornaments for every holiday season.