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The Language of Flowers and Symbolism

The language of flowers, also known as floriography, is a means of communication through the use of different blooms and their symbolic meanings.

Flowers have been used to convey emotions and messages, with each flower symbolizing a particular sentiment. This practice has been observed in various cultures and societies, from ancient Greece and Rome to Victorian England.

Language of flowers

Flowers have been used for centuries to convey emotions and messages, and each flower has a unique symbolic meaning. Some common flower symbols include:

  • Rose: love and passion
  • Lily: purity and innocence
  • Tulip: passion and love
  • Carnation: love, fascination, and distinction
  • Chrysanthemum: friendship and joy
  • Sunflower: adoration and loyalty
  • Daisy: innocence and purity
  • Poppy: remembrance and sleep
  • Iris: wisdom and courage
  • Daffodil: new beginnings and rebirth

Knowing the right flower to give for the right condition can go a long way in passing your message across.

The Symbolism of Flowers: Understanding the Meaning Behind Different Blooms

Here are 10 types of flowers you can grow and their symbolic flower meanings.

Daffodil Meaning


The daffodil is one of those flowers with beautiful meanings that can be grown with ease. The flowering plant comes from the Narcissus genus. It is a member  of the Amaryllidaceae family and features an eye-catching look.

Daffodils symbolize new beginnings or new growth. The refreshing yellow blooms bloom at the start of spring after a cold winter. You can give daffodil flowers to friends and family when celebrating new achievements.  A new house, job, or even a baby being added to the family

  • Scientific name: Narcissus sp.
  • Flower meaning: New life
  • Sun Exposure: full or direct sunlight exposure

Carnation Meaning


Dianthus caryophyllus or Carnations are special delicate flowers. They are native to regions of the Mediterranean and are loved by most for their large variety.  Its blooms can range from sunset yellow to lavender and even red.  

The carnation is a flower that symbolizes love. This is why it is often recommended as a suitable substitute for roses. They can be used in marriage bouquet flowers. The flowering plant produces a spicy fragrance that is used a lot in making perfumes. You can give a carnation bouquet to someone you love. A romantic interest on a date or a partner on St. Valentine’s day.

  • Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus
  • Flower meaning: Love, captivation 
  • Sun Exposure: full or direct sunlight exposure. 

Rose Meaning


Another popular flower for love, the rose is a very popular flowering plant. It comes from the Rosa genus and is a member of the Rosaceae family. It features a woody thin stem and delicate flowers that can range in color. The varieties of roses in existence are very large with over 300 species. And thousands of cultivars. 

The different colors of rose plants can have different meanings. For example, pink roses are said to represent motherly love. While the popular red roses represent romantic love. It is clear to say that rose flowers represent eternal love. You can give them as gifts for a romantic interest or family member.

  • Scientific name: Rosa sp.
  • Flower meaning: Love and desire
  • Sun Exposure: direct or full sunlight exposure

Aster Meaning


Looking at Victorian flowers language, the Aster is a remarkable flowering genus. The flowering genus contains over 150 different species. Each species possesses a different color that could range from purple to blue. You can find Asters in tropical regions of Eurasia. And they are members of the Asteraceae family. 

Asters are holy flowers that represent charm and daintiness.  They can also be used as a symbol of love for deities and gods like the Greek gods. In ancient Greek mythology, they are used in decorating the temples of Greek gods. 

  • Scientific name: Aster 
  • Flower meaning: Charm, daintiness, love
  • Sun Exposure: Bright but indirect sun needs.

Calla Lily 

Calla Lily

This unique flower type is quite sturdy. It is a member of the Araceae family and belongs to the Zantedeschia genus. The flowers of the Calla lily are trumpet-shaped. It has both a weird flowering spike inside and a unique outer leaf. They are also easy to grow and care for as they can survive some level of neglect. 

Calla lilies are used as love flowers. They represent attraction and can be given as gifts on a first date. They can also be used to symbolize renewed love and can be given as gifts after a fight. 

  • Scientific name: Zantedeschia
  • Flower meaning: Attraction 
  • Sun Exposure: Full or direct sunlight exposure 

Cosmos Meaning


The Cosmos plant is a great flower symbol. It has a lot of flower meanings and comes in many colors. The genus contains a lot of sunflowers and belongs to the Asteraceae family. They bloom in the summertime and their flowers are eye-catching.

Cosmos are wonderful flowers that represent healing. They also represent order, purity, and harmony. If you’ve got a friend who might be feeling overwhelmed with life. Give them cosmos flowers.  

  • Scientific name: Cosmos sp.
  • Flower meaning: Healing, purity, harmony, and order
  • Sunlight Exposure: Full or direct sunlight. Minimum of 6 hours each day.

Salvia Meaning 


Salvia plants are often seen as the largest genus in the Lamiaceae family. There are over 1000 different species in existence. Each possesses a unique color and growth trait.  The colors can range anywhere from blue or lavender to red,

The flower meanings of salvias plants can depend on their color. For example, red salvias represent ownership. It can be used as gifts for married couples or lovebirds. Blue salvias have a different meaning, they represent “thinking of you”. All in all, they are romantic flowers. 

  • Scientific name: Salvia sp. 
  • Flower meaning: Ownership, thinking of you.
  • Sunlight Exposure: Full or direct sunlight exposure is needed.

Hibiscus Meaning


Hibiscus plants form a very popular flowering genus known around the world. They are edible and used in making certain tea and biscuits. And because they are quite delicate, hibiscus flowers can be a bit difficult to grow. But their gorgeous reddish-to-yellow and purple blooms are worth it. 

 The hibiscus flower represents beauty. It can be given as gifts in beauty pageantry. Or it can be used to remind your partner how beautiful he or she looks. Regardless. They are divine flowers to grow. 

  • Scientific name: Hibiscus sp.
  • Flower meaning: Beauty 
  • Sunlight Exposure: Direct or full sunlight

Pansy Meaning 


Pansy plants are hybrid cultivars that have increased in popularity. They are from the Violaceae family and feature unique flowers. Their flowers range in color from blue to yellow and even red. Most have dark pigmentation at the center of the flower. This gives them a dramatic look. 

Pansies are thoughtful flower gifts to give. They represent thoughtfulness and are often used as funeral flowers. They are hardy and low-maintenance making them perfect funeral flowers. 

  • Scientific name: Viola tricolor var. Hortensis
  • Flower meaning: Thoughtfulness. 
  • Sunlight Exposure: At least 6 hours of full or direct sunlight.

Hyacinth Meaning


The vining hyacinth plant is a bulbous flowering genus. They are from the Asparagaceae family and are quite popular. It produces small flowers that form large clusters. They are quite beautiful and even produce a nice fragrance. 

Hyacinths can vary in color from white to blue and even purple. They represent repentance and are the best flowers to give when saying sorry, 

  • Scientific name: Hyacinthus sp.
  • Flower meaning: Repentance
  • Sun Exposure: Full or direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What flower represents life?

Flowers like lilies, daffodils, and dahlias represent life.

Are there any flowers that represent innocence?

Yes, the white lily is known to represent innocence. 

What does the snowdrop flower represent?

The snowdrop is a gorgeous flower that represents hope.

What is the Victorian language of flowers?

During the Victorian era, flowers were often used to send secret messages. 

Do all flowers have meanings?

Yes, each and every flower has a meaning.