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Cosmos Flower Meaning: Understanding The Exotic Cosmos Symbolism

Cosmos flowers are pretty easy to grow and come in a wide variety of colors. Cosmos flowers are associated with simplicity, joy, and beauty. It is also a symbol of order, harmony, and balance. They are members of the Asters family and take a gorgeous starry appearance. 

Cosmos Symbolism

Cosmos is a flowering genus. It contains over 40 different species and is native to Mexico. The spiritual meaning of cosmos flowers is plenty. This is because each color variant or species is believed to have a separate meaning. However, the flowering plant is believed to represent Harmony and order. 

Cosmos Origin 

The cosmos flower language represents order and harmony. This is because it gets its name from a Greek word called Kosmos. This further translates to the word ‘order’ in English. A very popular philosopher by the name of Pythagoras gave further meaning to the word. 

He described the universe as a showcase of divine planetary bodies. One that was arranged in harmony and order. Fast forward to the 17th century. Some Spanish explorers stumbled upon the winsome flowers and described them as cosmos. 

This is because the flower petals of the winsome flowers were arranged in order.  Which is why the flower has been made to symbolize order and harmony.  The cosmos flower symbolism is numerous. But harmony and order are the most popular. 

Other Cosmos Flowers Meaning 

Aside from harmony and order, Cosmos flowers are known to have other meanings. It can represent any of the following:


The cosmos root word can also be used in “cosmetics” to describe beauty.  The diverse colors that the flowering species represents further showcase its beauty.   


In the late ’90s, a movement in Japan was started. It was called the “World Kindness Movement. It was aimed at promoting world or Global peace. The cosmos flower was made the symbol of that movement.


Another cosmos’ spiritual meaning would be self-reliance. Cosmos are very easy to grow and take care of. They require less water and even have the ability to ‘self-sow’. Because of this, the flower is viewed as a self-reliant symbol. Forcing us to realize that sometimes, we are all we need to thrive. 


The meaning of cosmos plants can also symbolize infinity. There are a total of 8 petals on the flower. This can translate to the symbol 8 which also forms the infinity symbol. Cosmos flower should remind you to go beyond your limits. 


One of the fun cosmos flower facts is that they are resilient. If you remove their flowery blooms, they grow or come back stronger. This is why the cosmos flower represents resilience. They are also hardy. And are sometimes the Greek symbol for resilience.

Cosmos Flower Colors And Their Meanings

Asides from the general flower meaning and symbols. Each color of the cosmos flower genus also translates to its unique meaning. Some of the notable cosmos genus colors are the;

Blue Cosmos Flower Meaning

For the cosmos flower language, the blue color represents desire. It also represents inspiration. And should be given to someone you desire or are inspired by. 

Pink Cosmos Flower Meaning

Pink cosmos flowers have different meanings that match each pink shade. For the light pink it can showcase feminine energy and love. It can be given as gifts to your young nieces and daughters. 

For a darker shade of pink, it can translate to romance or love. And should be given to a romantic interest or partner. 

Orange Cosmos Flower Meaning

Orange Cosmos Flower Meaning

For the cosmos, what do orange flowers mean? Their bright bold color represents vitality and happiness. It can also translate to forgiveness. This is why it makes a great gift for repairing a broken relationship with someone.

Chocolate Cosmos Flower Meaning

There are no chocolate cosmos flowers.  What we have are rather dark burgundy flowers. They are sometimes referred to as chocolate due to the chocolate scent they carry.  They are a symbol of luxury. 

White Cosmos Flower Meaning

As with most white flowers, the white cosmos represents innocence and purity. They are also used to represent faith and devotion. They can be used to honor people you love or memories you love.  They can be used as grave flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Yellow Cosmos flowers represent?

These yellow beauties represent laughter, optimism, and happiness in general. 

Is there a purple cosmos flower?

Yes, there are true, purple cosmos flowers. They can sometimes be viewed as deeper shades of pink. 

When does cosmos flower?

Cosmos plants are known to produce flowers in the summer period. 

What does the red cosmos flower mean?

It is known to represent love and primal energy. And should be given to a romantic interest. 

Are there other flowers that mean kindness?

Yes, bluebells are some alternative flowers you can give to represent kindness.