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The Pansy Flower Meaning and Symbolism

If you receive a bouquet of pansy flowers, you should feel very special. Pansy flowers are associated with memories, love, or affection. Pansy’s symbolism and meanings are quite rich and deep. They are some of the very best flowers you can give to both yourself and a loved one. 

Pansy Flower Meaning

They are a flowering genus with lots of cultivars with different colors and patterns. The pansy flower is grown in most gardens and outdoor spaces. They belong to the Violaceae family and are native to most regions in Europe.  

What Is A Pansy Flower? Pansy Origin 

Pansies are a very popular flowering species that are common in most parts of Europe. They often come in beautiful colored patterns of two to three colors. They are perennials and are wonderful flowers to grow indoors. 

Most hybrids are cultivars or hybrids. They were gotten from crossing wild pansies with various types of violets. During the Victorean era, a lot of English botanists began crossing pansies en masse. 

It was so much that by the year 1835, there were over 400 different pansies in existence. Each of these cultivars is said to have different meanings and symbolism.   

What Do Pansies Symbolize?   

The meaning of the pansy flower is quite cheerful. They are ‘love’ flowers and are a general symbol of love and romance. The word ’pansy’ comes from the French word ‘Pansee’. This means ‘to think of’. The flowering species is known to symbolize free thinking and deep consideration. 

In basic terms, the pansy flower is a great gift for anybody you love. And not only a romantic interest.   It is also sometimes a symbol of sympathy or care. And can often be given as an; ‘I am sorry’ gift. 

According to the Victorean era, The pansy flower language does have a different use. It was often used to represent forbidden love. And was given as a gift to a secret lover or romantic interest.

Different Pansy Colors And Their Meanings

Asides from the general meaning of pansy flowers, each color variety has its own meaning. Having a better understanding of this could help you when giving pansy gifts. Here are some popular color variants and their meanings. 

Blue Pansy Flower Meaning

Blue pansies are a wonderful color variant of the flowering genus. They are quite striking and stunning to look at. They are known to represent loyalty, honesty, and devotion. And can be given as gifts to friends and colleagues.

Purple Pansy Flower Meaning

Purple Pansy Flower Meaning

Purple pansies are an uncommon variety of special flowering plants.  Like most purple flowers, the purple pansy is a royal flower. It is often associated with nobility and royalty. It represents dignity and nobility. And can be given to people you hold in high esteem. 

Yellow Pansy Flower Meaning

Yellow pansies are positive flowers. They represent happiness, joy, and all round positivity. You can keep them for yourself to remember to stay happy and joyful.  You can also give them as a gift to someone in need of some positivity or happiness. 

Red Pansy Flower Meaning

Red is a color for romance and love. The red pansy is no exception. It is used to symbolize love for a romantic interest. It can be given to a partner or simply any romantic interest to express your feelings. 

White Pansy Flower Meaning

White pansies are a pretty popular gift to give someone. They are quite common for hybrid cultivars. And they are best suited for occasions where you aren’t sure of what pansy to give.  The flowering variant is used to represent innocence and purity.  Their perfect purity also makes them a very spiritual gift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name of pansy?

The scientific name for pansies is Viola tricolor var. Hortensis. 

Are pansies poisonous to humans?

No, pansies are not known to be poisonous to people. But they shouldn’t be eaten in large quantities to prevent tummy problems.

Do pansies come back every year?

Yes, although pansies do die when exposed to excess cold. They are known to come back again in the spring season. 

How long do pansy flowers last?

The flowering blooms of pansies are long-lasting. They can last for up to 8 months. 

Do pansies like sun or shade?

Pansies do well when exposed to at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.