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Calla Lilies Meaning: Symbolism and Significance of the Flower

The symbol of Calla Lily is one that is associated with beauty and purity. This is because most calla lilies are known to be white, are associated with the Greek goddess Hera and are used as a symbol of marriage and commitment.

In Victorian flower language, Calla Lilies symbolize magnificent beauty, and can also be used to express the sentiment of “I am yours.”

Calla Lilies are often used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, as well as in funeral arrangements, to symbolize purity and beauty.

Calla Lily

What Is A Calla Lilly? 

The Calla Lily is a genus of flowering plants from South Africa. It is also known as the Zantedeschia and features over 8 species. An interesting fact is that the calla lily isn’t an actual lily.  Carolus Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist is responsible for the error made to its name. But the name has stuck ever since. 

Calla lilies have their origin tied back to the ancient Greece and Egyptian era. They have grown in popularity ever since. And are one of the most common flowering plants to date. 

How The Calla Lily Gets Its Name

Calla Lily gets its name from Greece. The meaning of the name calla is ‘beautiful’. It is said to have originated from the Greek goddess Hera.  The Calla lily legend story is a very popular tale according to greek Mythology. 

It is said that Zeus, Hera’s husband, brought Hercules,  his son, to drink Hera’s milk. When she noticed, she pushed him back letting a few drops of her milk spill. Some landed in the sky, these formed the milky way. The drops that landed on the ground turned into stunning lilies. 

Another goddess, Venus, grew jealous of how gorgeous the flowers were. As a result, she cursed them with a yellow pistil. This is why the yellow calla lily is often attributed to jealousy and even lust. 

The symbolism of the calla lily also spans into Christianity. It is often used as a sign of resurrection and rebirth. And is associated with Jesus Christ. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Calla Lily?  

With all that has been said so far what does the symbol of the calla lily represent? Because there are different types of calla lilies. There are different meanings for the plant. Here are some of the most popular colors of calla lilies and their meanings;

  • White calla lily 
  • Orange calla lily  
  • Purple calla lily 
  • Black Calla Lily 
  • Yellow calla lily 
  • Pink calla lily

White Calla Lily Meaning 

The White calla lily is the most popular or common variety of the flower genus. It is the first variety discovered and is spoken about in myths. It features a stunning white look that is often clean and beautiful. 

It is associated with purity and innocence. It is also associated with faithfulness and holiness. It can be used in wedding bouquets. And it is sometimes called the easter calla lily as it is used in churches on Easter day. 

Orange Calla Lily Meaning 

Calla Lily

Sometimes the orange calla lily flower is seen as the red calla lily. It features a bright orange/ reddish color that looks gorgeous. It is uncommon and some even call the color variant rare. 

Orange calla lilies represent courage and boldness or determination. They are bright and bold which is a sign of being fearless. It can be used as a lucky plant for someone about to start a new phase in life. 

Purple Calla Lily Meaning

This variety of the calla lily is quite grand to look at. It comes as light purple or a darker shade. Each shade has a special meaning attached to it. They are a bit common and easy to find. And their presence can stand out in a flower bed. 

Purple calla lilies are a royal symbol. They represent royalty, wisdom, loyalty, and admiration. As such they should be given to people you cherish and admire.

Black Calla Lily Meaning 

Black calla lilies are not black. They are a deep shade of purple. And are sometimes called the deep purple calla lily. They are rather special and have a high rarity as you can’t find them with ease. 

Black calla lilies are known to represent elegance, mystery, and beauty. Their deep purple shade is a great sight to behold.

Yellow Calla Lily Meaning 

After white calla lilies, the next in popularity are the yellow calla lilies. They are quite common to find as they are easy to grow and care for. 

Yellow calla lilies are known to represent gratitude. Although they can also represent other meanings like jealousy. This is because of the story attributed to it. They are a great gift for people you are grateful for. 

Pink Calla Lily Meaning

With all the color varieties stated above, the pink calla lily is another rare variety to find. Pink calla lilies are stunning to look at. They produce a nice-smelling fragrance that is divine. 

They represent love, romance, and appreciation. As such they should be given to that special partner you can’t keep away from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alcatraz lily?

The Alcatraz lily is another name for the calla lily. It is a common name used for the flowering genus.

What are the flowers that represent lust?

Calla lilies like the yellow calla lily represent lust. 

What flower represents friendship?

The yellow rose is known to represent friendships. 

Is there a blue calla lily?

Yes, there is a blue calla lily. It is known as a special flower and can be quite rare.

Do calla lilies come back year after year?

Yes, they are perennials known to come back year after year.