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Daffodil Meaning: Symbolism and Significance of the Flower

Daffodils flowers symbolize new beginnings, rebirth and the arrival of spring. The ancient Greeks associated the flower with self-love, while in Victorian England, daffodils were given as gifts to express admiration and respect. In literature, the daffodil is often used as a symbol of unrequited love and hope.

Daffodil meaning

Daffodils, also known as Narcissus or Jonquils, are a popular spring flower known for their bright yellow color and trumpet-shaped petals. To understand the meaning of daffodils, we have to look into the daffodil history and origins. 

What Is A Daffodil?

Aside from the regular daffodil definition, there is a lot of history behind the flower. The flower was noticed and shared by a Greek botanist named Theophrastus. He had heard about the flowering plant through the dominant Roman army.

They define daffodils as gorgeous plants with healing properties. They were mesmerized by the beauty of the plant.  After a close study, Theophrastus discovered that they were, in fact, toxic to the skin.  When the sap of daffodils touches the skin, they can cause mild irritations. As such, they should not be ingested. 

Later in the 17th and 19th centuries, the world began to know about daffodils. They became so popular that Shakespeare tagged them as one of his favorites.

How It Got Its Name

First off, it is worth noting that all members of the Narcissus genus are daffodils. And all Daffodil flowers are Narcissus. What does Narcissus mean? According to Greek mythology, he was the son of a river god.

He was a beautiful god who had attracted the attention of many to him. One of those attracted was a water nymph. Due to his arrogance, Narcissus rejected her love. This caught the attention of a vengeful goddess called Nemesis.

Nemesis devised a plan and lured Narcissus into a riverside. There, Narcissus caught a glimpse of his reflection in the water and fell in love. There are two stories as to how Narcissus died. Some say he fell into the water and drowned while trying to catch his reflection. And others say the vengeful nymphs turned him into a flower, the daffodil.

What Does A Daffodil Symbolize?

According to the daffodil flower language, they are seen as symbols of new beginnings.  Daffodils represent hope and new birth. They are the perfect spring flower. This is because they can survive the cold winter season. And produce rewarding colorful blooms at the start of the spring season. 

The daffodil image in China is a bit different. Over there, they are viewed as prosperous plants. This is because they bloom during the period of Chinese new year. Daffodils symbolize luck and prosperity in China.

Different Daffodil Color Varieties and Their Meaning

There aren’t many color variations of daffodil flowers. Most take on one of three colors which are yellow pink and white.  

Yellow Daffodil Meaning 

The yellow daffodil is the most common daffodil color flower in existence.  It is seen as a symbol of new beginnings. The daffodil flower is often given as a wedding gift to new weds. 

Pink Daffodil Meaning

Pink Daffodils are the least common of the three color varieties. They are over 100 years old but have still managed to remain uncommon. The pink-colored daffodil represents pride or uniqueness. 

White Daffodil Meaning

White Daffodil

Next in popularity to the yellow daffodil is the white daffodil. They have also been around as long as pink daffodils. According to daffodil symbolism, white daffodils symbolize purity. They can also mean a lack of total vanity and possible selfishness. 

Who Should Get Daffodils And When Should They Get Them? 

Daffodils are great flower options to surprise your friends and loved ones with. They can be used to welcome your loved ones into the spring season. They can also be used as Easter flowers on easter day. And they make a great Mother’s day gift. 

They can be used as wedding anniversary gifts for couples. Give daffodils as a 10 years wedding anniversary gift. They symbolize cheerfulness, and joy to the long-time couple.   

You can also give daffodils as housewarming gifts or birthday gifts. They can be used to celebrate new jobs or surpass any major milestone. Daffodils can be used in so many ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there another spiritual meaning of daffodils

Asides from being a rebirth flower, there is no other spiritual meaning to daffodils. 

Are there golden daffodils?

No, Daffodils don’t come in Golden color variations.

What is the plant symbol of Wales?

Daffodils are considered to be a national flower in Wales. 

Are there any flowers that mean revenge?

Yes, the dramatic black rose symbolizes revenge.