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Hyacinth Meaning and Symbolism:  What Do Hyacinths Mean?

The sweet-smelling fragrance is not all to the hyacinth flower. They have a deep meaning and understanding that stands out. The plant is quite mysterious and diverse as it comes in a variety of colors.  

Hyacinths Meaning and Symbolism

This article covers what you need to know about hyacinth symbolism. It covers the general meaning of hyacinth flowers. And also covers each hyacinth color’s meaning. 

What Is Hyacinth

Hyacinths are a genus of flowering bulbous plants. The genus is rather small but they are from the Asparagaceae family. Each species is known for its sweet scent and fragrance. They are also perennials so they have a long lifespan. 

Hyacinth Origin 

Hyacinth flowers are said to have originated from the Middle East. Not a lot is said about how they were discovered. But they first reached west Europe in the 1500s. During this time they became very popular as more and more varieties were crossbred.

Today, hyacinths have become very popular. This is in both the United Kingdom and even the Netherlands.  

Hyacinth Story

You can also track the hyacinth flower meaning ancient Greek mythology. The flowering genus is said to be named after Hyakinthos, a spartan prince. Hyakinthos was believed to be a very handsome prince. 

He was so handsome that he caught the attention of two powerful Greek gods. Apollo and Zephyrus wanted Hyakinthos, but he chose Apollo. This made Zephyrus very jealous. 

One day Zephyrus would find Apollo teaching Hyakinthos a game of discus. Noting the fun they were having, Zephyrus sent a strong wind their way. This caused Apollo to miss and force the discus to hit Hyakinthos. 

Due to his godlike strength, the discus killed the spartan prince. He died in the arms of Apollo. It was said that hyacinths grew from the ground Hyakinthos’ blood had touched. Apollo named the flower after Hyakinthos to serve as a reminder of his dead lover. 

What Does Hyacinth Symbolize?

With all that has been said so far, the meaning of the hyacinths flower is a deep one. It can mean one of either jealousy, sincerity or a strong desire to be forgiven. 


Flowers can’t always have good spiritual meanings. The hyacinth flower language portrays the flower as a symbol of jealousy. The story of Hyakinthos, Zephyrus, and Apollo shows the jealousy to be explained. 


Hyacinths can also come from a good place. Like a heart that is very sincere, loving, and kind. You can give them as flower gifts to people you care for.

Desire To Be Forgiven 

Hyacinths are great gifts to show how deep your regret is and how sorry you are. It is a great gift for someone you wronged and is very sorry for doing so. 

Hyacinth Color Types and Their Meanings

Hyacinth Color Types and Their Meanings

Since they come in various colors and patterns, hyacinths could offer different meanings. This is why you need to understand what hyacinth you are getting. As this could help avoid a case of sending the wrong messages. Here are some colors and their meanings to look out for. 

Purple Hyacinth Meaning 

The purple hyacinth is a basic forgiveness flower. It is a symbol of great regret and beg for forgiveness.  You can use them in cases where you offend someone and are very sad about it. 

White Hyacinth Meaning

White hyacinths are positive flowers. They represent true care and love for someone as they represent pure love and care. They can be used as gifts for people going through a rough patch. 

Blue Hyacinth Meaning 

Another positive flower is the blue hyacinth. They are known to represent loyalty, sincerity, and fidelity. They can make great gifts for anniversaries as well as for close friends or best friends. 

Yellow Hyacinth Meaning 

Yellow hyacinths are an intense flower option. They are seen as a gift of jealousy and are not the best gifts for someone you love. They are best suited for someone who you are jealous of. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the pink hyacinth meaning?

It is often seen as a positive sign of good luck. It is a playful and joyful flower.  

Is there a red hyacinth?

Like the pink hyacinth, the red hyacinth is also a symbol of play and childlike fun. 

Do you deadhead hyacinths?

Deadheading is crucial to keeping your plant healthy.

What flower represents change?

Dahlias are great flowers that represent transition and change.

How many types of hyacinths are there?

There are 3 separate original hyacinths. The single, double, and multi floral