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Yellow Flower Meaning and Varieties

With their bright and sunny color, the yellow flower meaning focuses on happiness, joy, and friendship. From welcoming Sunflowers to delicate Orchids, there is a large variety of yellow flowers to give to mark important occasions. 

Yellow Flower Meaning and Varieties

Yellow Flowers Meaning Based on Country

It’s common for flowers and their colors to have different meanings based on the culture of the country they’re being given in. While some meanings remain constant through time, some change as societal norms change.

Mayan Culture: According to the Mayan culture, yellow flowers were a symbol of abundance.

Asian Cultures: In Asian countries, especially Japan, the color yellow is considered sacred and worthy of royalty. 

France: Unfortunately, not all sentiments associated with the yellow flower are positive. In France the yellow flower meaning was that of jealousy, betrayal, and weakness. This has let up somewhat in modern times.

Mexico: In Mexico yellow flowers, especially Marigolds, are used in celebrations to honor the dead. 

Types of Yellow Flowers and Their Meanings

While flower color meaning is important, the sentiment can change slightly depending on the flower variety. The following common types of flowers give their own unique interpretation of yellow flower meaning.

Sunflower: The Sunflower is one of the most recognizable yellow flowers and is the poster flower for happiness and joy. Sunflowers also mean good luck and long life. In Chinese culture yellow symbolizes lasting happiness. Give Sunflowers to encourage someone going through exams or a large work project, as well as just to cheer up a good friend.

Begonia: The gold or yellow Begonia symbolizes richness, joy, and a feeling of contentment. Give a potted Begonia as a housewarming gift or as an office plant for a friend who has landed a new job or promotion. 

Black Eyed Susan: Hope, fairness, and equality are associated with the Black Eyed Susan. Give a bouquet containing these flowers to give someone encouragement through a difficult time like a divorce or career challenge. 

Dahlia: In the Victorian Era giving a yellow Dahlia symbolized a lasting commitment, such as marriage. Today the yellow Dahlia’s meaning is associated with beauty, elegance, strength, and steadfastness. Yellow Dahlias make the perfect “just because” bouquet.

Roses: The yellow rose is the universal symbol for friendship. The yellow flower meaning of the rose is perfect for birthdays or to show your appreciation for a dear friend.

Chrysanthemum: The Mum is another yellow flower that is known for its meaning of happiness and joy. While these flowers are known primarily as a fall flower, it’s common to see yellow Chrysanthemums given for Mother’s Day as well. 

Zinnia: The Zinnia flower stands for affection and constancy. The yellow Zinnia is most associated with remembrance, making them a good choice for a celebration of life or to celebrate a friendship anniversary.

Yarrow: Health, love, and healing are the flower color meanings of yellow yarrow. Include these pretty flowers in a get well soon bouquet or an arrangement to a new Mom.

Orchids: Orchids are a great flower to celebrate friendship and send well wishes. No matter the color, Orchids always have a positive meaning so give the Orchid with confidence for most occasions.

Daffodils: The Daffodil was adopted by the American Cancer Society as a symbol of hope and healing. Give these flowers to someone battling cancer or as a part of a spring bouquet.

Hibiscus: These tropical beauties celebrate summer, positivity, and happiness. Give a bouquet of yellow Hibiscus for birthdays, summer celebrations, and to say congratulations. 

Iris: The yellow Iris’ meaning is wisdom, hope, and purity, making them a popular flower in bridal bouquets.

Peony: Give yellow Peonies to celebrate new beginnings, fresh starts, and the making of a clean slate. These are the perfect flower for housewarming gifts, new jobs, or retirements. 

Goldenrod: The yellow Goldenrod symbolizes good thoughts, inspiration, and creativity. Say congratulations to someone who has a creative type of career or to wish someone good luck on starting college or university. 

Yellow Flowers with Negative Meanings

Yellow Flowers with Negative Meanings

While the majority of yellow flower meanings are positive and uplifting, there are a few flowers who’ve been saddled with negative sentiments. While the flowers are still beautiful, you may want to be careful including them in a bouquet unless the flower has a positive connotation for the receiver. 

Yellow Carnations: Sadly, the yellow Carnation is the symbol of rejection and disappointment. It was tradition to give yellow carnations when one was breaking up with their significant other or rejecting someone’s romantic advances. 

Yellow Hyacinth: The yellow Hyacinth represents jealousy and, in flower language, is not traditionally a flower someone will want to receive. 

Yellow Tulips: While yellow and purple Tulips are often associated with Easter, the yellow Tulip also has the sentiment of unrequited love attached to it. In a spring bouquet, the yellow Tulip is acceptable but be wary of sending this bouquet to someone you’re romantically interested in. 

On a whole, a bouquet filled with vibrant, yellow flowers is likely to instill a sense of warmth and happiness, regardless of any hidden meanings. If mixed with multiple varieties of flowers any message will be diluted. To avoid any negativity or miscommunications, it’s best to avoid any flowers with an unpleasant connotation, especially for those knowledgeable in flower language.

Yellow Flower Meaning FAQ

What’s the Color with the Most Similar Meaning to Yellow in Flower Language?

If yellow isn’t available, the color orange conveys the closest sentiment to yellow. Orange is associated with good moods, along with youth and freshness.

Does the Shade of Yellow Affect its Meaning?

Yes, if you want to get very specific with your message pay attention to the shade of yellow flower you choose. Light yellow is associated with newness, freshness, and joy. A brighter yellow symbolizes happiness, an uplifting feeling, and life.

What are the Longest-Lasting Cut Yellow Flowers?

The longest lasting cut flowers are Carnations, Zinnias, and Lilies. For an even longer lasting gift, try potted Chrysanthemums or Orchids.

Do Sunflowers Have a Meaning Associated with Love?

Yes, the Sunflower has a secondary meaning of adoration and unconditional love.

What are the Best Yellow Flowers to Grow in the Garden?

The easiest and most impactful yellow flowers to grow in your own garden are Sunflowers, Calendula, and Marigolds.