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Popular Pink Flower Meanings Explained

A pink flower’s meaning varies from love and happiness, to gentleness and femininity. In history, pink flowers were often used in the Victorian Era as well as ancient Asian civilizations. Today, pink is a popular flower color choice for Mother’s Day bouquets. 

Pink Flower Meanings



The  Peony is the official flower to give for a 12th wedding anniversary. The flower symbolizes a happy marriage and prosperity. Other pink flower meanings include wealth, romance, and beauty. 

Peonies feature multiple, large but delicate petals that overlap to make a complex circle of blooms. The flower gives off a delicate and pleasant fragrance. Peonies typically bloom in the spring and summer. Blooms last between seven to 10 days. These large, showy flowers make a perfect statement bouquet for any room in your home. 



The Carnation symbolizes a Mother’s undying love, originating from a story in which the Virgin Mary’s tears turned to Carnations as Jesus carried the cross. Today the pink carnation is a staple flower given for Mother’s Day and often replaces the rose. Carnations are a long-lasting flower with a pleasant fragrance. 

The Carnation is a floral relative of the Dianthus, which looks like a miniature version of the Carnation. Both are popular in floral arrangements. The flower’s petals are plentiful and overlap. The edges are fringed and are sometimes colored a darker color than the petals. When grown outside, Carnations bloom in late spring, but the flower is grown year round in greenhouses to be ready for floral arrangements.



The Rose represents sweetness, love, and adoration. The Rose is the most popular cut flower used for bouquets year round. It is estimated that over 250 million roses are grown just for Valentine’s Day bouquets, though most of those flowers are red in color. Dark pink roses represent appreciation and gratitude, while light pink roses mean admiration and sometimes sympathy.

When grown outdoors, Roses bloom from late spring to early fall but as they are used for floral arrangements the flower is grown in greenhouses year round. The blooms feature several petals all tightly overlapping to form a round shape. The flower’s long, green stems are laced with hard, sharp thorns.



When it comes to Tulips, pink flower meanings tend to symbolize confidence and happiness. Tulips bloom from late winter to early spring, making them the flower associated with spring and Easter. The blooms’ life span depends on the outside temperature. In cooler climates, the flower will last one to two weeks. In warmer temperatures, the bloom will expire in a few days. 

Florists will often use Tulips in wedding bouquets because of their classic beauty and versatility. Tulips work both alone and in a varied arrangement for both modern, sleek bouquets, and more elegant and traditional themes. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, you can choose the classic, smooth edged petal or the fringed variety. 



Typically given as a houseplant, the orchid is one of the oldest flowering plants in existence. Orchids symbolize love and a woman’s beauty, with a pink Orchid specifically meaning fertility. In Chinese culture, a pink Orchid is often given to newly married couples. During the Victorian Era, a rare Orchid was expected from a suitor to a woman he wished to court. 

An Orchid may take between five and seven years to first bloom, but then can bloom several times in one year.  Individual blooms will last from a mere few hours to several months, depending on the variety. The blooms are always symmetrical. Orchid petals can be a solid color or feature intricate patterns. 

The Stargazer Lily

The Stargazer Lily

Innocence and purity are symbolized by the Stargazer Lily, with a pink lily meaning good fortune, prosperity and abundance. White lilies are a common flower used in funeral arrangements because they represent the innocence restored to the soul of the departed. 

The bloom of the Stargazer Lily features large, triangular-shaped petals arranged in the shape of a star. The flower’s center is accentuated by long, protruding stamen and anthers, which are often removed when the flower is included in arrangements. The flowers bloom naturally in the spring with the petals sporting dark red spots. 

Pink flower meanings vary, depending on the specific flower. In general, the color pink represents softer, more feminine themes, but even this stereotype is changing. The vibe of the arrangement can also vary depending on what tone of pink is used. Lighter pink is synonymous with tradition and romance, while a brighter hue is perfect for a more modern, spring-like theme.

Pink Flower Meanings FAQ

What Does a Pink Dahlia Mean?

Pink Dahlias symbolize elegance and dignity.

What is a Good Flower to Give for a Baby Girl Shower?

The pink Veronica is associated with baby showers.

What Do Cherry Blossoms Symbolize?

Cherry Blossoms are associated with springtime and beautiful beginnings. 

What’s Another Flower to Give to Someone You’re Romantically Interested in Besides the Rose?

The pink Alstroemeria is a symbol for flirting but may be difficult to find. The Carnation is a popular alternative to the Rose.

What Flower Do You Give to Say You Miss Someone?

The Pink Camellia is the symbol for missing someone.