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Lily Of The Valley Meaning And Symbolism

Lily of the valley flower is a wonderful flowering genus. The scientific name is the Convallaria Majalis. And it has become popular amidst royalty. The Lily of the valley flowers was used as the wedding flower for the famous Princess Diana of England. 

Lily Of The Valley Meaning And Symbolism

What Are Lilies Of The Valley?

The Lily of the valley is a bulbous flowering plant. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family. It is called the Covallaria Majalais. It is a fragrant flowering plant with a nice scent and has a bell-shaped appearance. 

White is the most popular color for the flowering plant. But there are other color varieties like purple and pink.  The flowering blooms of this plant are very toxic. In fact, when ingested, they can cause red rashes, vomiting, and severe pain. 

What Does Lily Of The Valley Mean? – Its Origins 

Convallaria Majalis still has no clear or exact fact on its origin. But there are a lot of folktales and myths that accompany the flowering species. It even has ties to ancient Christianity and the bible. 

The scientific name ‘Convallaria Majalis’ is Latin. It means ‘may ‘or ‘valley’. The ‘lily’ in its name shows that it belongs to the lily family. Even though it is reported to be a member of the Asparagus family. 

Story Of Lily Of The Valley 

Lilies of the valley flowers have had some time in the spotlight throughout history. They are quite significant depending on the cultural background you look into. 

According to Roman and Greek Mythology, the flowering species is linked to Apollo. Apollo was the Greek god of the sun. Some believed he made the lily of the valley flower as a groundcover. This was to have a suitable walking space for his nymphs when passing the Montparnasse.

For Serbian traditions, the lily of the flower became a holiday flower. It was attributed to St George’s Day. On this day, the flower was picked and used to decorate homes. They were also used to decorate each other. The flowering plant is viewed as a sign of prosperity and fertility.

What Does Lily Of The Valley Symbolize? 

Lil of the flower language has been interpreted into different meanings. For some (like the Serbians), it is a sign of fertility and prosperity. Which makes them a perfect gift to people you intend to see happy and prosperous. 

To others, it is a sign of sadness and pain. This is why they are sometimes used as funeral flowers. There is also a lily of the valley biblical meaning. It is in fact viewed as a representation of the tears of the mother of Jesus. Or the virgin Mary. It also represents humility and sweetness.   

It is also used as a “Mayflower”. In fact, the scientific name translates to “Valley of the May”. It is used to represent good luck in the new season.

Lily Of The Valley Flower Colors and Meanings

Lily Of The Valley colors Symbolism

Like most flowering plants, each color variant is said to have a different meaning. This provides different suitable gifting options. It is important that you let people know that the flowers are poisonous before gifting them. Here are some of the colors and their meanings.

White Lily Of The Valley Meaning 

The white lily of the valley flower is the most common color variant that exists. It is often used to symbolize joy and overall happiness. It represents positivity, humility, and purity. The flowering species is a great gift for friends. 

Purple Lily Of The Valley Meaning

Purple lilies of the valley flowers are the least popular color variant of the flowering species. It represents royalty as purple is a royal color. It represents dignity, success, and accomplishment. And is a suitable flower gift for those you hold in high regard. 

Pink Lily Of The Valley Meaning

Pink lilies are a true sign of love and overall femininity. They represent love, compassion, and admiration. And they are great flowers for someone you love and not in a romantic way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there blue lilies of the valley?

No, there are a few colors of the lily of the valley flower. Blue is not one of them. 

When do lilies of the valley bloom?

The Lily of the valley is known to bloom at the start of march or April. 

How long does the lily of the valley bloom?

The blooms of lily of the valley can last 3 weeks. 

What do lily of the valley smell like?

The Lily of the valley flower has a fresh, jasmine-like smell that is divine. 

Are lilies expensive?

Some lilies are hard to find which makes them expensive.