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An Insight into The Meaning Of Forget Me Not Flowers

The scientific name for forget-me-nots is Myosotis. And it is common in North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. 

An Insight into The Meaning Of Forget Me Not Flowers

This article covers the forget-me-not spiritual meaning. You would learn the forget-me-not flower story and its origin.

What Are Forget-me-nots Flowers?

Forget-me-nots are a genus of small and delicate flowering plants. It consists of over 70 different species, each having different colors and meanings. The blue forget-me-not is the most common of all species.

The stunning and exotic houseplant is perennial in nature. And it can be found in damp and wooded areas.  

How Did Forget Me Nots Get Their Name?

Myosotis is the scientific name for forget me not flowers. It is a Greek word that translates to “mouse ears”. It is named so because the leaves of the plant are curved. The name ‘Forget me not’ has its own origins. 

It is believed to have originated from the tiny flowery petals of the plant. The small size, coupled with the fact that they grow almost anywhere contributes to its name.  It suggests that the plant can be forgotten with ease. And hence the name “Forget me not”.

Forget Me Not Flower Story

The myths and legendary stories behind the flowering plant are many. It varies with culture and religion. 

A popular European myth believes that the flower was once a beautiful maiden. She was turned by a fairy who was jealous of her beauty. As a reminder to all who see the flower, the fairy commanded that it be named after her. 

Another popular belief is that forget-me-nots are the spirit of their dead loved ones. The belief is that when a loved one dies, they turn into forget-me-nots. And when you see them on earth, it is a sign that your loved one is thinking of you. 

Norse mythology connects forget me not to a goddess ‘Frigg’. She is believed to have planted forget-me-nots whenever soldiers went to war. This is to ensure that the soldiers were not forgotten by the gods when in battle. 

Forget-Me-Not Symbolism

The forget me not flower meaning is quite rich. In fact,they are connected to different symbolic meanings over history. Some of them include: 

  • Remembering The Dead.
  • Loyalty and True Love.
  • Faithfulness.
  • Keeping Promises.
  • Hope.

Remembering The Dead

The name ‘forget me not’ already suggest that the plant is a remembrance plant. It can be kept as a reminder for some you love that might have passed away. They are common in burials.

Loyalty and True Love

Forget me nots can also be used to symbolize unending love and loyalty. It can be a good gift for romantic partners.


Blue forget-me-nots are connected to being faithful, loyal and constant. It is a great flower gift for partners to share. 

Keeping Promises

A forget me not flower can be used as a reminder not to break a promise. It can be shared amidst friends or even partners. 


You can also keep the forget me not flower as a sign of hope. A flower to remind you not give up even in difficult times. It is best shared to friends, partners and anyone in a difficult situation.  

Forget Me Not Flower Colors and Their Meanings 

The color of the forget me not flower is most times blue. But there are some rare colors of the plant that exist. Each of these colors are said to have their symbolic meanings. Here they are:

Pink Forget Me Nots Meaning

Pink Forget Me Nots Meaning

Pink forget me not flowers are quite uncommon. Sometimes they might change to a much darker shade that is similar to purple. They represent femininity, joy, optimism, playfulness, and delicateness.

Blue Forget Me Not Flower Meaning

Asides from faithfulness, blue forget me not could also represent healing. It also represents growth or development and communication. 

Purple Forget Me Nots Meaning 

This color variation is also quite rare. It is a royal color that is said to mean success, wealth, and power. 

White Forget Me Nots Flower Meaning

Like most white flowers, this color represents innocence, peace, and strength. It also represents purity and guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do forget me nots smell like?

The flowering species is unscented. They do not have any special smell or fragrance. 

What flower means love?

Flowers like the red rose are a common and popular symbol of love. 

Do forget-me-nots come back every year?

Yes, forget-me-nots are known to come back each year.

How long do forget-me-nots take to grow?

Forget-me-nots can grow in a year under the right conditions. 

What do rosebuds symbolize?

Rosebuds are said to symbolize purity and beauty.