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The History of the Chrysanthemum Meaning

The Chrysanthemum is a popular flower dating back to ancient China. Since its inception, the flower has spread throughout the world, making the Chrysanthemum meaning varied depending on the country. These button-shaped blooms are used in everything from herbal remedies to landscaping.

Chrysanthemum Meaning

History of the Chrysanthemum Meaning

The Chrysanthemum originated in China, appearing in writings around the 15th century BC. The flower was used as a herbal remedy, with the roots being boiled as administered as a headache treatment. By 400 AD, the Chrysanthemum traveled to Japan via Buddhist monks. The flower was so prized that Chrysanthemum symbolism represented the emperor’s personal crest and official seal. The plant is called Kiku in Japan.

The next region to adopt the Chrysanthemum was Europe in the 17th century. It was then that the plant was given the name Chrysanthemum. The name has its origin in the Greek words “Chrysos”, meaning gold, and “Anthemon” which means flower. 

Chinese Chrysanthemum Symbolism

In its country of origin it makes sense that there is a variety of Chrysanthemum meanings. The flower is associated with good luck, making it a symbol of honor at the Festival of Happiness. Named Jiuhua in China, is associated with the October Moon and therefore is associated with autumn. Lastly, the flower is a popular gift for Mothers who have just given birth as they symbolize nobleness and longevity. 

Modern Uses for Chrysanthemums

Today one of the Chrysanthemum meanings in a practical sense is both a herbal remedy and a culinary delight. The petals are used in teas, prized for the flower’s anti-inflammatory properties. In China, the flowers are still used in soups and salads for their delicate flavor and beauty.

In the United States, the yellow and orange varieties of Chrysanthemums are very popular as bedding plants. The flowers are bright and inviting, as well as relatively easy to grow in most climates. 

In Japan the Chrysanthemum flower meaning continues to be in an official capacity. The flower is used on government documents, such as passports. Also, the highest honor to be bestowed on a Japanese citizen is named the Order of Chrysanthemum. 

Chrysanthemum Symbolism

The primary meanings behind the Chrysanthemum are happiness, love, longevity, and joy. These are core symbols associated with the flower, but because the flower has made its way across the globe, it has various additional meanings attached to it based on different countries and cultures. 

Asia: In Asia the Chrysanthemum represents life and rebirth, making it a popular flower to give at birthdays and baby showers. Buddhists also still use the flower in offerings due to its yang energy.

Europe: In Europe the Chrysanthemum flower meaning is typically of sympathy. The flowers are often laid at gravesites. In Victorian times, the flower was also associated with friendship. 

America: Respect and honor are meanings associated with the Chrysanthemum. The flower, whose nickname in both North America and Australia is “Mums”, is often given to Moms on Mother’s Day.

Chrysanthemum Meaning By Color

Chrysanthemum Meaning By Color

In addition to the standard meanings attached to the Chrysanthemum, there are more specific sentiments attached depending on the color of the flowers. 

Red Chrysanthemums: Much like Roses, the red Chrysanthemum is associated with passion and love. These make a great alternative to Roses when you want to give a plant instead of cut flowers.

Yellow Chrysanthemums: Considered the opposite of the color red when it comes to meanings, yellow is considered the flower of neglected love and sorrow. This makes the flower a good choice when buying a cheer up gift for someone who’s gone through a breakup.

White Chrysanthemums: Choose white Chrysanthemums when you want to express loyalty and devotion. The flowers are appropriate for both friendship and romantic relationships.

Violet Chrysanthemums: Cheer up a sick friend or loved one with violet Chrysanthemums that symbolize the get well sentiment.

 Chrysanthemum meaning varies depending on what country you’re in, but the flower is prized worldwide for its beauty. If you’re looking for a sturdy flower to give a friend or loved one, you won’t go wrong with the Chrysanthemum.  

Chrysanthemum Meaning FAQ

Are There Any Greek Meanings or Myths Associated with Chrysanthemums?

Yes, in Greek mythology the Chrysanthemum was believed to protect against evil spirits.

Are there Any Surprising Uses for the Chrysanthemum?

The flower is used in the creation of insecticides

Are Chrysanthemums Considered Toxic to Pets?

Yes, the Chrysanthemum is considered toxic to pets.

Does the Chrysanthemum Have Any Uses in Beauty?

Yes, the Chrysanthemum has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As such, the flower is used for treating eczema and psoriasis.

Do Chrysanthemums Purify Indoor Air?

Yes, Chrysanthemums are actually one of the highest-rated air purifying plants.