Mini Phalaenopsis orchid with pink flowers on a white background. | Guide to common problems with orchids: "Help, my orchid is dying!"

Help! My orchid is dying | Orchid problems & solutions

Given their gorgeous foliage and stunning flowers, orchids like the popular Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium can be found in many households all over the world. Although most of the most common orchids are not too difficult to grow, green thumbs and seasoned pros alike struggle at times when it seems like their orchid is dying. There … Read more

Pilea peperomioides

Problems with Pilea peperomioides | How to revive a Chinese money plant

If you’ve managed to obtain your very own Pilea peperomioides, the last thing you want is to run into any issues. When you’re growing houseplants problems are unfortunately bound to arise sooner or later, though. A plant can be damaged, carry bugs or be placed in a less than ideal location in your home. Luckily, … Read more