Musa Dwarf Cavendish: How To Grow Your Own Dwarf Banana Plant Indoors

Banana plants (Musa spp.) are perennial herbaceous flowering plants that are native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and belong to the Musaceae family of flowering plants. Most banana trees have an average height of 5 meters (16 ft) and produce sweet edible fruits that are very nutritious. Bananas in general are considered evergreen … Read more

The Rare and Beautiful Pink Princess Philodendron 

The Pink Princess Philodendron, Philodendron erubescens, is native to Central and South America. This highly sought-after variety is more expensive than other heart-shaped Philodendron due to its rare variegation. Not easily grown by seed, Pink Princess is often in short supply but considered a gem among Philodendron collectors. Pink Princess Philodendron Appearance The Philodendron Pink … Read more

What to Plant in September: Vegetables and Flowers To Sow And Grow

There are many options you could consider when looking at what to plant in September, as even though most plant growth seasons fall during spring, autumn does present some beautiful additions to your gardens. From evergreen shrubs to bulbous flowering plants, here are a few of the best plants for September.  Brussel Sprouts  Botanical Name … Read more