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Best Bedroom Plant Ideas: 10 Types Of Indoor Plants For Bedroom

Bedroom plants are becoming more popular in modern houses as they offer a great deal of refreshing aesthetics to the bedroom. 

The benefits of keeping a perfect bedroom plant are not just for beautification alone, they also help in keeping the air purified. This is because plants act as natural detoxifiers, killing harmful toxins that are present in the air.

  1. English Ivy
English Ivy
Botanical NameHedera Helix
Common NamesEnglish Ivy, Common Ivy, European Ivy
OriginEurope and Western Asia
Plant TypeFlowering plant, vining plant

The English ivy is a great houseplant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a flowering plant that is known to be an aggressive spreader in the wild. 

When used as a plant for the bedroom, it helps clear toxins that reside in the air, as well as removes particles of animal feces and air molds residing in the air that could lead to allergies. 

  1. Philodendron Heart-Leaf
Philodendron Heart-Leaf
Botanical NamePhilodendron Hederaceum 
Common NamesHeart-leaf Philodendron
OriginCaribbean and Central America
Plant TypeEvergreen, flowering plant

Most Philodendron plants are good plants for the bedroom with the Heart-leaf philodendron being the best bedroom plant choice. 

It is an evergreen, perennial, vining plant that is known for its gorgeous dark heart-shaped leaves and its high durability. 

For an indoor plant, it is recommended that you grow the Heart-leaf Philodendron in a hanging basket where it can spread without being disturbed. 

A known benefit of keeping the Philodendron plant in your bedroom is that it absorbs toxins like Formaldehyde that is present in the air.

It requires little maintenance like indirect bright light and little watering. 

  1. Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Botanical NameDracaena trifasciata
Common NamesSnake Plant, Viper’s Bowstring Hemp 
OriginWest Africa 
Plant TypeFlowering, evergreen plant 

Snake Plants are known for their interesting foliages. They possess dark green, slender, slippery leaves that are sturdy.

It is found in most West African countries like Nigeria and Congo and is said to thrive in whatever condition it is placed in. 

The Dracaena trifasciata is one of the best plants to have in your bedroom as it does a wonderful job of purifying air when compared to other bedroom houseplants.

It requires a bright but shaded sunlight source and would do well with little watering, however, ensure that the soil used is well-draining and the pot has sufficient drainage holes.

  1. Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Botanical NameSpathiphyllum
Common NamesPeace Lily
OriginNorth and South America, Southeast Asia
Plant TypeIndoor Flowering plant. 

The Peace Lily is a genus that is home to over 40 different plant species. They are great bedroom houseplants that produce stunning white flowers and possess shiny dark green foliage. 

It can survive both low and high lighting and doesn’t require much watering to flourish. it can be grown as both an indoor and an outdoor plant. 

As a bedroom plant, the Peace Lily offers a wide range of air purification, cleaning out acetone vapors, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and alcohol. 

Keep all peace lilies away from the reach of children and pets as they are poisonous when ingested.     

  1. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Botanical NameAloe Barbadensis Miller
Common NamesAloe Vera
OriginArabian Peninsula
Plant TypeEvergreen, perennial plant 

One of the most popular houseplants is the Aloe vera plant. It can be found in most tropical regions of the world and has a high level of durability. 

It is a potted plant that is known for its dark green, succulent foliage which is riddled with tiny, harmless prickles.  

Aloe Vera is medicinal, as its juice or sap is often recommended as a cure for major skin blemishes and scrapes.

Aloe vera can survive neglect as they can go long hours without being watered and can survive areas with low lighting. 

It is known to purify the air while releasing sufficient oxygen, so having the Aloe Vera in your bedroom can boost your sleep environment. 

  1. Corn Plant
Corn Plant
Botanical NameDracaena Fragrans
Common NamesCorn Plant, Dracaena Compact
Plant TypeFlowering, evergreen plant 

The Dracaena Fragrans is a great bedroom tree plant that has a limited growth range so you don’t have to worry about its height is too much.

It is an upright plant that is known for its long, glossy, slender,  dark foliage that resembles a maize crop, which is where it gets its name. 

Indirect sunlight is most preferred by the corn plant and watering should be kept at an average frequency. It can be found growing in most tropical regions in Africa, from Mozambique to the Ivory Coast to Angola. 

It is recommended that you keep the gorgeous bedroom plant away from the reach of children and house pets as they are poisonous when eaten.

  1. Golden Pothos 
Golden Pothos 
Botanical NameEpipremnum aureum
Common NamesGolden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy 
OriginSoutheast Asia
Plant TypeFlowering, Vining plant

The Epipremnum aureum is a great plant that is easy to grow and care for. It is similar to the Heart-leaf Philodendron as they are both trailing plants that possess incredible air purifying abilities. 

Devil’s Ivy possesses dark green foliage that is heart-shaped and is blessed with golden yellow variegation that is scattered over each leaf. 

It is recommended that you grow the Golden Pothos plant in a hanging basket as it is a trailing plant that requires space to grow. 

Lighting should be kept bright but indirect, however, it can survive periods of low lighting. It also requires average watering but dislikes wet or soggy soil. 

 When grown in the bedroom, the potted plant purifies air toxins like carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde, and Benzene. 

  1. Spider Plant
Spider Plant
Botanical NameChlorophytum Comosum
Common NamesSpider plant, Ribbon plant, Spider Ivy
OriginSouth Africa
Plant TypePerennial Evergreen, Flowering plant

Hanging plants are great plants to decorate bedroom spaces, and the spider plant is a perfect example of such hanging plants. 

Known for its long leaves that fall from the mother plant in a manner resembling the limbs of a spider, the Spider plant can be grown both indoors as an ornamental plant and outdoors as  ground cover. 

Propagating the Spider plant is easy, and it is regarded as a low-maintenance plant requiring access to bright but filtered sunlight and average watering. 

As a bedroom plant, they are known to purify toxins like xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. 

  1. Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm
Botanical NameChamaedorea Elegans
Common NamesParlor Palm, neanthe bella palm  
OriginSouth Mexico and Guatemala 
Plant TypePalm tree, Perennial 

The Parlor Palm is popular in Victorian-styled homes and is sold in plant shops all over the United States. 

It is a small palm tree that is known for its light green, slender leaves that are long, measuring a height of 20 cm.

It requires little maintenance and can survive various lighting conditions such as partial or full sunlight. But prolonged exposure to direct sunlight could singe the leaves.

When placed in the bedroom, the Parlor palm plant removes toxins that reside in the air such as Formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. 

  1. Gardenia Flower   
Gardenia Flower   
Botanical NameGardenia jasminoides
Common NamesGardenia Flower, Capo Jasmine
OriginSoutheast Asia 
Plant TypeFlowering plant

Gardenias make a suitable bedroom flower as it provides divine aesthetics to the bedroom space. 

It is known for its beautiful white flowers that are accompanied by dark green leaves that are oval-shaped. 

The Gardenia plant is considered a high-maintenance plant that would require sufficient access to bright and indirect sunlight and should be watered every week. 

The blooms of the Gardenia plant are sweet-scented and are proven to help reduce the effects of anxiety and overall, provide good quality sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plants OK in the bedroom?

Having bedroom plants is perfect as they help purify the air and are gorgeous

Do bedroom plants help sleep?

Yes, by purifying air, providing proper oxygen, and a nice scent, plants do help promote sleep

How many plants do you need to purify a room?

Having two to three plants in your bedroom should be enough to purify the air

Can we grow money plants in the bedroom?

Money plants can be grown anywhere indoors, including the bedroom

Are plants better than air purifiers?

No, although plants do help in purifying air, they don’t purify as much as an air purifier.