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Indoor Flowering Plants

Finding flowers to grow indoors can help you fill your home with beauty and joy. There are more indoor flowering plants than you might imagine, ones that don’t need to be planted out in a garden to bloom well.

Some of the best blooming plant choices for indoor flowers are listed below:

1. African Violets

In the genus Streptocarpus, African violets are enduringly popular indoor flowering plants. These plants are small and affordable, available in a wide range of colors and forms so that you can easily create a varied collection. The blooms can be single or double, one color or multicolored, with smooth or wrinkled petals. Look for varieties in violet, mauve, pink, red, or white to bring vibrant color to your home. 

2. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis, are tender bulbs popular around the festive season as Christmas gifts and seasonal decorations. Often discarded after the midwinter festivities are done, these plants can actually be kept and, with the right care, should bloom again over multiple years. There are options with deep crimson, vibrant pink, or more unusual multi-hued flowers to choose from. 

3. Anthurium

Though the vibrancy of these plants technically comes from flower-like spathes rather than flowers, these are another interesting choice to add a splash of tropical color to your home. Also known as flamingo flowers, these have spathes in red, orange, pink, or white, with a central spike, or spadix, which is typically yellow or cream. 

4. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are perhaps the ultimate in vibrant color for home interiors. These tender plants thrive in a warm, bright location indoors, and produce large, dramatic flowers with petal-like bracts, and they can have bold and patterned foliage too. Pineapples are actually members of this group and several compact forms can be grown indoors (though not edible) for their ornamental value. 

5. Cape Primrose

Like African violets, cape primroses are in the Streptocarpus genus, though their care indoors is a little different. As with African violets, these are great as houseplants, and there is a huge range of different cultivars to choose from for beautiful indoor blooms. 

6. Christmas Cacti

Epiphytic cacti such as Schlumbergera truncata and Schlumbergera × buckleyi are commonly referred to as Christmas cacti because they flower indoors between November and January. They are commonly used as seasonal decorations or as Christmas gifts. Flowers on these plants can be in a range of red, purple, pink, or white hues. 

7. Citrus Trees

If you are looking for a large and impactful flowering plant to grow indoors, you could do worse than a citrus tree. A small lemon or orange tree, for example, can bloom beautifully and give you edible yields of course. So you can have plants indoors that are both beautiful and productive. 

8. Crown of Thorns

Also known as crown of thorns, Euphorbia milii is an evergreen shrub that can be grown outside in summer but which can also be grown indoors year-round. It can make a great plant for a sunny conservatory producing small yellow flowers with showy bracts with a bright red hue in summer. 

9. False Shamrock

Oxalis triangularis with their purple leaves are also great flowering houseplants to grow. These not only have attractive deep purple foliage but also produce white to pale pink, star-shaped flowers in summer. 

10. Florist’s Cyclamen

These popular, tender cyclamen are grown indoors as flowering houseplants. They are prized for their winter blooms, which come in showy shades of red, pink, and white. The flowers may also sometimes be frilled, or scented, and these look lovely against the charming heart-shaped leaves. These indoor flowering plants are cultivars of the wild plant Cyclamen persicum. Though often discarded after they bloom, these can actually grow and bloom indoors over multiple years. 

11. Kalanchoe

Tropical succulent plants, these perennials, also known as flaming Katy, are prized for their interesting forms and vibrant flowers, which can come in a range of different colors. There are several species and a range of different cultivars to choose from. Kalanchoes are photoperiodic. In other words, they bloom in reaction to periods of light exposure and require at least 12-14 hours of total darkness to bloom again. But they can bloom over and over again when given the right conditions indoors. 

12. Orchids

There are numerous orchids that you might grow to get beautiful flowers indoors. Moth orchids are among the most popular, and among the easiest orchids to grow. But there are also plenty of other beautiful orchids to consider growing for indoor flowers. 

13. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are well-known as plants that can help to clean the air in your home. Technically, the white ‘flowers’ on these plants are actually spathes, with a creamy spadix protruding from within. Standing out against the dark green foliage, these can be beautifully serene, helping to bring a calm and relaxed feel to your home. 

14. Pelargoniums (Geraniums)

Another very popular group of indoor flowering plants is Pelargoniums (commonly often called tender geraniums). Of course, this group of indoor flowers gives a stunning range of options to grow, with numerous named cultivars to choose from in various flower forms and colors. In the right conditions, kept frost free, you can have them in bloom almost all year round. 

15. Waxflowers

Waxflowers, Hoya, are evergreen climbing perennials, often grown as indoor flowering plants. They have flowers that are often fragrant, with 5 spreading waxy petals (hence the common name). They are often red-centered, pale pink, or white.  These have an exotic look and add intensity and drama to your interior when grown indoors. 

Of course, the options listed above are just some of the many plants that you might grow to enjoy flowers inside your home throughout the year.