Ravenea Rivularis: How Care of Majesty Palm Plant 

Majesty palms are a rare evergreen perennial plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When outdoors, the majestic palm plant can reach a staggering height of 100 feet making it a tree. However, as an Indoor ornamental plant, it can be kept at 10 feet. 

Ravenea rivularis
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The Majesty palm is native to tropical regions of Madagascar and it features deep green palm fronds that grow with multiple stems carrying them. It belongs to the Arecaceae family and is a species under the Ravenea genus.

When grown indoors, It has a peculiar growth pattern that starts off fast and slows down as it reaches maturity. 

Botanical NameRavenea rivularis
Common NamesMajestic palm, Majesty palm
OriginMadagascar, Africa
Plant TypePerennial, Evergreen Tree
Full SizeRanges from 10 feet to 100 feet tall, and 6 feet to 20 feet wide
Sun ExposurePartial or Indirect sunlight
Soil TypeWell-draining soil with slight acidity
ToxicityNon-toxic to both people and pets

Majestic Palm Care

The Ravenea majesty palm can be a bit difficult to care for. This is because some of their requirements can be a bit tricky. However, it can get easier as the plant is known for its high tolerance. 

Majesty Palm Light Requirement     

Keep lighting in moderation for the Majesty plant. Too little sunlight would limit the growth of the potted plant, but too much can scorch the big leaf plant

Proper regulation between direct and indirect sunlight should help keep the plant strong and healthy. You can achieve this by placing the plant in an eastwards-facing room with enough access to the morning sunlight. 

At noon (when the sun’s intensity is too much), you can then consider moving the potted plant to a new location with a more filtered light source. You could also filter the sunlight with the use of a light curtain. 

Majesty Palm Watering Requirement

Majesty Palm Watering Requirement
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Watering should be done often. Once or twice a week in its growing seasons should be perfect. Do not overwater the plant though, as the plant has delicate roots that could inhibit fungi leading to root rot. 

Aim for moist soil at all times. This can be done by letting the top part of the soil dry a little before the next watering session. 

If the soil gets too dry, the lower leaves of the potted plant might fall off so don’t let the plants get too dry. Use tepid dechlorinated water for your watering sessions to avoid stressing the plant’s delicate roots.

Majesty Palm Soil Requirement  

The perfect soil type for the Ravenea Majesty palm plant is rich, well-draining soil that has litter moisture retaining capability. 

To achieve this, it helps to mix one part of standard potting soil, with adequate peat moss, some mulch, and perlite. 

Majestic palms love an acidic soil type, so do not be stingy with the peat being added to the soil mix. A perfect pH soil level for a majesty palm tree would be 5.0.

Majesty Palm Temperature and Humidity Requirement 

Temperature and Humidity requirements are high for the Majesty palms as any temperature between 66 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees Fahrenheit would be perfect for the majesty palm indoors.

Humidity should also be high as they are tropical plants that would need high humidity to stay fresh. Keep the humidity level anywhere from 60%.

Regular misting is recommended for areas with low humidity. You can also get a humidifier or place the potted plant right next to a large tray that is filled with both pebbles and water. 

Fertilizer Requirements for Majesty Palm Plant

Fertilizer Requirements for Majesty Palm Plant
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Fertilizer feeding should be done during the plant’s growing season and it should be done once or twice. During the winter season, avoid fertilizing the plant as it should be dormant by then, 

The best fertilizer to use is a liquid fertilizer that has been diluted to about 50% of its initial strength. 

You can make use of Epsom salt to help keep the plant from turning yellow due to frequent fertilizer. Also, the healthy dose of magnesium gotten from the salt helps promote healthy growth. 

Propagating Majesty Palm plant

You can propagate Majesty Palms through;

  • Seeds 
  • Division

Seed propagation is the easier of the two methods of propagating the potted plant.  

Pruning Majesty Palms

Regular pruning is not required however, it does help keep the plant looking good, so it is encouraged. 

Make use of sterilized tools for pruning to avoid infecting the plant. Remove all yellow and brown fronds from its base when pruning. 


The Majesty palm plant is not toxic to pets and children when ingested.  However, they have no benefits when eaten so it helps to avoid eating them. 

Common Health Problems of Majesty Palm

  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Spider mites
  • Whitefly
  • Root rot 
  • Yellow leaves
  • Brown leaves. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How big do majesty palms get?

A full-grown majesty palm in the wild can reach 100 feet in height 

How often do I water majesty palm?

It helps to water your majesty palm plant once or twice a week. 

Is a majesty palm an indoor or outdoor plant?

They can be grown both indoors as an ornamental plant and outdoors as a shade plant. 

Do majesty palms attract bugs?

Yes, in places with low humidity, Majesty palms are susceptible to insect attacks.

When should I repot my majesty palm plant?

It is best to repot your majesty palm plant, once a year, during its growing season.