Vriesea Bromeliad  How to Grow and Care

These plants hail from Central and South America, and the genus encompasses some of the most petite and some of the largest bromeliads, with a few that can reach up to five feet tall.

Light Requirements

Vriesea bromeliads are adaptable when it comes to light. The key is to adjust the humidity depending on the light conditions.

As epiphytes, Vriesea species need to either be mounted using a moss base attached to a wood or rock foundation or planted in a small container. A large container increases the chances of root rot.

soil Requirements

Plant in light, airy soil. Use a cactus or orchid medium. Standard potting soil is too heavy.

While the flower spike might be the most exciting part of many Vriesea bromeliads, they’re also a signal that the plant is nearing the end of its life. Once a bromeliad blooms, it dies.

water Requirements

Use rainwater or distilled water, if possible. Pour water into this cup but not onto the soil. If the soil is wet, it can lead to root rot.