Problems with Pilea peperomioides

How to revive a Chinese money plant

Chinese Money Plant Is Droopy

There are multiple possible causes for droopy leaves such as changes in location or watering issues.

Chinese Money Plant Leaves Are Curling

Leaf curl can have a bunch of different causes including too much light, overwatering, cold and overfertilization.

Chinese Money Plant Is Losing Leaves

Don’t panic. Some degree of leaf loss is normal in all plants. Whether you need to take action depends on the amount of leaf loss.

White Grains On Chinese Money Plant Leaves

The white grains are mineral deposits excreted by the leaves. You can easily remove them by gently wiping the leaf, or just leave things as is.

Chinese Money Plant Bugs

Bugs are a common problem with houseplants in general and unfortunately, Pilea peperomioides is not exempt from this.

Leaves Changing Color?