Double Your Cacti Love with the Moon Cactus

A grafted Moon Cactus consists of two separate cacti. A number of cacti varieties can be the lower “host” cactus, but the popular choice is the Hylocereus cactus.

Light Requirements

A grafted Moon cactus requires bright, indirect light. One or two hours of direct sunlight is tolerated but not from a south-facing window.

Water Needs

Water your Moon cactus until the soil is well moistened but not soggy. Let the soil dry between waterings to avoid root rot.

Soil And Fertilizer

Provide moon cacti with a well-draining cactus soil mix. The plant thrives in soil  with a low pH level.

Propagation of a Moon cactus occurs by grafting the two cacti into one plant. Use a column-shaped host cactus for best results. Avoid moving the plant until the bond has formed and the two plants have joined as one.

How Long Does a Moon Cactus Live?