Lily Of The Valley Meaning And Symbolism

What Are Lilies Of The Valley?

The Lily of the valley is a bulbous flowering plant. It belongs to the Asparagaceae family. It is called the Covallaria Majalais. It is a fragrant flowering plant with a nice scent and has a bell-shaped appearance.

According to Roman and Greek Mythology, the flowering species is linked to Apollo. Some believed he made the lily of the valley flower as a groundcover. This was to have a suitable walking space for his nymphs when passing the Montparnasse.

What Does Lily Of The Valley Symbolize?

For some (like the Serbians), it is a sign of fertility and prosperity. To others, it is a sign of sadness and pain. It is also used as a “Mayflower”. In fact, the scientific name translates to “Valley of the May”.

Like most flowering plants, each color variant is said to have a different meaning. The white lily of the valley flower is the most common color variant that exists. It is often used to symbolize joy and overall happiness.

Are there blue lilies of the valley?