Heart-Leaf Philodendron  How To Grow and Care

Philodendron hederaceum is a well-known Philodendron species from the Araceae plant family. It is an evergreen climber that naturally grows in the Caribbean and Central America but it is also commonly grown as a houseplant in temperate climes.

Light Requirements

Like most other Philodendrons, heart-leaf Philodendrons need bright but indirect light.

Like other tropical houseplants, heart-leaf philodendrons need warm and humid conditions to thrive. However, these plants are more tolerant than most to low humidity levels, and yet less tolerant than some of extreme heat.

soil Requirements

To grow these philodendrons you can choose any potting mix as long as it is moist yet free-draining.

Plant your heart-leaf Philodendron into a container that is just a little larger than the current root system, accommodating the roots with no more than 1-2 inches of space around each side.

water Requirements

Let the soil dry out to the touch before watering this Philodendron, then water well, giving it a good drench but taking care not to overwater.

Most of the time the only pruning required for these Philodendrons is to remove any dead or damaged foliage from the plants so that they can focus on producing healthy new growth.

how often to repot Heart-leaf Philodendrons?