11 Flower Color Meanings  Explained

1. Red Flower Meaning

The common emotions associated with red flowers are romantic love and passion.

2. Pink Flower Meanings

The pink flower color meanings is often love, but can express happiness, femininity, and gentleness.

3. Yellow Flower Colors Meaning

The primary emotions conveyed by yellow flowers are joy and happiness.

4. Orange Color Of Flower Meanings

Orange flowers often symbolize excitement or enthusiasm

5. White Flowers Meanings

Purity and innocence are the two symbols associated with the color white.

6. Blue Flower Color Meanings

The primary blue color meanings include tranquility, peace, and inspiration.

7. Green Color Of Flowers Meanings

Primary meanings associated with the color green are rebirth and renewal.

8. Black Flower Color Meanings

The primary meaning of black flowers are power and mystery. Secondary meaning is farewell.

9. Lavender Flower Color Meanings

Grace, elegance and youth are primary flower color meanings for lavender.

10. Purple Flowers

Success and royalty are often associated with purple flowers.

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