10 common problems with Monstera

1. Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow.

This Monstera adansonii experienced leaf drop due to some unfortunate overwatering.

2. Monstera Root Rot.

This is because rot can spread fast and is irreversible. Root rot is caused by excessive moisture (‘wet feet’)

3. Monstera Leaves Turning Black.

Monstera leaves turning black can indicate over- or underfertilization.

4. Monstera Leaves Browning.

Monstera leaf browning is lack of moisture in the air, which tends to lead to brown and crispy leaf edges.

5. Monstera Not Splitting.

They’re slower growers in general, so it will also take longer for the first leaf splits

6. Bugs On Monstera.

Little flies on yout Monstera’s soil, you might be dealing with fungus gnats.

7. Lack of light.

Monsteras in low light areas won’t split nearly as well, so find a nice and bright spot for yours.

8. Monstera Underwatering.

If the leaves are also drooping or curling, it’s pretty clear that either you’re not watering enough

9. Monstera Disease.

Monstera can end up picking up a bacterial or fungal disease.

10. Monstera Winter care.

During the winter months it’s better to avoid fertilizing, as it can end up damaging the roots.

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