All you need to know about the Hybrid Asiatic Lily

The Black Charm Asiatic Lily is a rare potted plant sought after by numerous home designers and indoor gardeners all over the world. This is because of its almost-black, dramatic bloom that the exotic plant features.

Light Requirements

Full or direct sunlight would be most needed by the exotic plant, however, do be careful, as prolonged exposure to the sunlight might lead to the foliage getting damaged.

The Black Charm Asiatic plant does well in a cool environment. As most times the plant could end up drooping when exposed to excess heat. An ideal temperature for the Black Charm Asiatic Lily would be between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Requirements

For the black charm lily Asiatic hybrid plant, watering shouldn’t be a regular affair but rather an occasional practice, as the plant does require moist soil at all times.

You can propagate your Black Charm Lily through bulb scaling. You can start off by peeling the external scales on the dormant bulb. Do be gentle when doing this. While peeling, do ensure that there is a tiny number of flat bases attached to each scale peeled off.  Once this is done, you plant the bulb.

Soil Requirement

The ideal soil needed by the Asiatic lily perennial plant would be well-draining soil, with as much organic compost in it to boost proper growth.

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