10 Types of Black Flower Plants To Grow

Black Petunia

The Black Petunia is blessed with beautiful jet-black flowers that offer a striking aesthetic when used as an indoor ornamental plant.

Raven ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is a great choice when you are searching for an easy-to-grow and care-for houseplant.

This hybrid black plant features beautiful star-shaped flowers which are a mix of red and black in color.

Black Charm Asiatic Lily

The Phyllostachys Nigra pr Black Bamboo plant is a prized ornamental garden plant. Its rugged exterior can be deceiving as Bamboo in general is a type of grass.

Black Bamboo

This beautiful dark plant features a very dark shade of purple flowers with a dark green stem.

Queen Of The Night Tulip

It is an easy plant to grow and care for, its major requirements are that you keep its soil well-draining and moist always.

Oxalis Triangularis

The dark plant is best suited as an outdoor plant, as it does have a tendency to grow pretty wild.

Black Beauty Elderberry

The Persian Shield is one of the most elegant shrubs that exist. It is guaranteed to provide a royal look to your gardens with its majestic appeal.

Persian Shield

Growing and taking care of the Hellebore variety is easy, just ensure you prune often and provide access to bright but indirect sunlight.

Hellebore Onyx Odyssey

The Black Mondo grass is not a grass but a small perennial evergreen shrub that offers a dramatic look to the living space it is kept in.

Black Mondo Grass

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