Yellowing, reverting & more

Problems with Philodendron

Although Philodendron care is not too challenging and the species can be grown by beginners, there’s always a chance you’ll run into problems.

Philodendron ‘Birkin’ Or ‘Pink Princess’ Reverting

Problem: Philodendron losing variegation Causes: Light, spontaneous

Philodendron Leaves Curling

Problem: Leaves curling inward or outward Causes: Cold, lack of humidity

Yellow Leaves On Philodendron

Problem: Yellowing at a worrying rate Causes: Overwatering, sunburn, bugs, lack of fertilizer

Philodendron Root Rot

Problem: Roots are rotting Causes: Overwatering, bad drainage, lack of light

Philodendron Brown Tips

Problem: Leaves develop brown tips Causes: Low humidity, fertilizer issues, thirst, sunburn

why is my Philodendron Not Growing