The Low Maintenance and Beautiful  Neon Pothos

This variety is called neon due to its bright-green, neon leaves. As a houseplant, the Neon Pothos is considered low maintenance. It’s a great choice for beginners, as well as busy people.

Neon Pothos Light Requirements

Neon Pathos is adaptable to a variety of partial-light conditions. This houseplant prefers indirect light to keep its neon leaves bright and healthy. Too much sunlight can cause the plant to become leggy.

Watering Your Neon Pothos Plants

Good Neon Pothos care includes a regular watering schedule. Test if your plant needs watering by placing a finger into your plant’s soil. If the top two to three inches is dry, it’s time to water.

Neon Pothos plants are vines growing up to 10 feet in length. This makes them ideal for hanging baskets, though they can be grown in traditional pots with regular pruning.

Neon Pothos Propagation Technique

Propagate your Neon Pothos with the stem cutting method. Cut off one healthy vine from the plant and trim off the bottom leaf, revealing the node where the leaf attaches to the vine.

While the neon leaves of this Pothos plant are beautiful, they are also toxic if ingested. Those who have cats, dogs, or small children should keep any Pothos plant up and out of reach for safety.

How Fast Do Neon Pothos Grow?